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Higher speed for the TravelScoot ™?

We are often asked about increasing the speed of the TravelScoot ™. Within the EU, as well as in some non-EU countries, vehicles not requiring registration are limited to 6 kph (about 4 mph). Faster E-vehicles require full registration (license plate and insurance). beyond personal liability. Other countries have widely disparate regulations in this area. For the purposes of streamlined production, warehousing and world-wide distribution, the top speed is factory preset to this level, and can only be changed at your importer’s shop.

Spazierfahrt mit Elektro-Scooter TravelScooot

With the TravelScoot ™ at the weekly market.

While other countries may be less restrictive, this sensible approach to speed allows the scooter to be used in all pedestrian-accessible areas.
The vast majority of mobility scooter users has some form of walking disability. Based on an average person’s walking speed of around 2 to 3 mph, a rider of a 4.5 mph mobility scooter already has a noticeable advantage, despite his or her disability, but without any undue risk, and that is really a primary objective.

TravelScoot ™ top-speed adjustment (3, 4, 5 and 6 mph)

We at TravelScoot ™ take your safety very seriously, and that is why our controller is set to this standard (6 kph or 4 mph; 4.6 mph in US and Canada) top speed.

Of course, we are aware that some of our customers want a different (often lower) top speed and that is why we can offer different top-speed settings:

  • 2.5 mph
  • 5 mph
  • 6 mph

Only one top speed can be selected. This controller adjustment has to be performed electronically at our facility.

For top-speed increases beyond the standard setting on TravelScoots scooters sold within the EU we require the customer to sign a waiver declaring that they were informed that the higher speed increases risks for the rider as well as bystanders, and use is permitted on private property only.

Top-speed adjustment when you purchase a new TravelScoot ™

It is most practical to have this adjustment made at the time of purchase, or during servicing or repair at our facility.

Top-speed adjustment on used TravelScoots

If the customer wishes to have this done on their scooter outside of these opportunities, they can ship their frame (no battery or seat etc.) to us, or, if they are mechanically inclined, remove the controller, mail in for speed adjustment, and reinstall. In this case there will be shipping costs.

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*Hardy Huber, the inventor of the TravelScoot ™, is a former pilot and sky diver. So, it is safe to assume that he is quite excited for speed and he does not have any physical or cognitive problem with a higher speed.
Nevertheless, his personal TravelScoot ™, which he has been using daily for the past 14 years, is set to the standard top speed, even though he would have easy access to the electronic controller program and could increase and decrease the top speed at any time.

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