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Why TravelScoot ™

TravelScoot ™ Structure

The triangle is by far the most significant structure used in virtually all types of design and construction. Whether equilateral, obtuse, etc., the triangle in all its variations provides the greatest stability.

Since a high level of load bearing is also a requirement, the arch is a useful feature. These are utilized in bridges, tunnels and portals. Roman architecture is a good example. Arches can also be varied, as seen in Gothic architecture, as well.

The TravelScoot ™ ingeniously combines these two basic structures in its patented design to provide superior static stability as well as maximum load capacity. In addition, the use of high-grade aircraft-quality aluminium results in the TravelScoot structure’s unsurpassed high strength-to-weight ratio.

TravelScoot ™ weight

Since an electric scooter needs to be lifted repeatedly, whether over a curb or, worst case, a flight of stairs in the absence or malfunction of a lift, light weight is the most important feature for many. Most electric scooters use standardized parts, which may noticeably lower cost, but not weight. Many of the electric scooters in the mid- to light-weight categories can be disassembled into several components, and the (supposedly low) weight of the heaviest part is then touted in the ads. This may be acceptable for loading into a car, but otherwise totally impractical. If the scooter needs to lifted frequently, which normally should take only few seconds, disassembly is undesirable. Each disassembly logically is followed by reassembly, which requires extended bending over.
In order to keep weight low, the aircraft design is applied to the TravelScoot ™. Each part is designed for lowest possible weight and maximum strength. This automatically leads to superior durability; the inevitable higher cost is quickly regained.

TravelScoot ™ strength

The majority of electric mobility scooters have a maximum weight capacity of 100 -120 kg.

Owing to the above-mentioned construction and materials, the TravelScoot’s recommended maximum weight capacity is 155 kg; However, this is no absolute limit (see https://www.travelscoot.com/de-de/travelscoot-blog.html). The main limitation is not so much the structural load capacity but rather the reduced climb performance due to high rider weight. An increase in motor performance is not possible due to size constraints in the drive wheel. And, this could pose a hazard to lighter riders.

The best possible compromise was made for all probable customers, and even very heavy riders can still climb the maximum standard wheelchair ramp (6%).

Carrying luggage on the TravelScoot ™

Aside from the structural advantages of the TravelScoot’s triangular frame, it also accommodates somewhat bulky items without special attachments. The only real limitation is the clearance in the foot space and cargo area, and possibly the rider’s (hopefully still existing) ability to mount the seat from behind after removal of the backrest. But carrying a case of bottles can be accomplished without acrobatics, even with the backrest installed, and even without getting off the scooter.

Transporting drinks with the TravelScoot

Folding the TravelScoot ™ for storage in limited spaces

In most cases, such as for hatchback vehicles, removing the backrest and lowering the handlebar is sufficient and takes seconds. For vehicles with minimal boots, fold-down and setup takes half a minute.

TravelScoot ™ accessories

A large variety of thoughtfully designed accessories is available to enhance the utility of the TravelScoot ™.

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