10 years TravelScoot electric mobility scooter
Folding mobility scooter TravelScoot

Elizabeth Morris Fisher

A true heavyweight at about 450 lbs, Elizabeth was a tireless activist for NAAFA.

Elizabeth came across the TravelScoot ™ in February 2009, and organized a small party along with some of here plus-sized friends in her hometown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She invited Hardy Huber, who flew in from Florida and brought along his TravelScoot ™.

After a short and successful test drive, Elizabeth and a few of her friends promptly ordered their own TravelScoots, which were delivered by UPS a few days later.
The ladies, who still had some mobility, were willing to accept that, due to their high weight, the TravelScoot ™’s climb performance on ramps etc. would be reduced.

Elizabeth was so thrilled with her new mobility that she spontaneously started her blog mytravelscoot.blogspot.com, which she altruistically managed until her untimely death in 2016.

We at TravelScoot ™ are indebted to Elizabeth for her tireless lobbying, and owe at least part of our success to her.
We will miss her and will continue to honor her memory and legacy.

Please take the time to visit her exciting blog, which contains many features, pictures and useful tips. You may want to start where it all began.

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