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Hartmut Huber - The inventor of the TravelScoot

Hartmut Huber, mechanical engineer and amateur aircraft builder from Munich, Germany, seriously injured his legs in a hanglider crash in 1975. Medical staff were able to fix him up again, but walking and standing became increasingly difficult with age. In 2003, while living in the US, he warmed to the idea of acquiring a mobility scooter.

However, none the countless mobility scooters on the market met the basic requirement of being easy to load and unload in and out of his homebuilt airplane. He faced similar problems when dealing with portability in cars and public transport.

Without exception, all mobility scooters were too heavy and bulky. Frequently, people with disabilities already have difficulty lifting heavy objects; or, oftentimes the wife has to handle that task for her disabled husband, for example. Several mobility scooters that could be taken apart where introduced onto the market, but these weren’t any lighter. They were still too cumbersome and complicated for people with disabilities. An entirely new approach had to be taken.

Hartmut Huber - The inventor of the TravelScoot

A few years prior, light-weight aluminum scooters for children as well as adults became popular world-wide: This gave Hartmut Huber his inspiration. After about a year of development he introduced the World’s lightest and most compact electric mobility scooter and named it TravelScoot ™ ™, and applied for a patent.

At less than half the weight and 30% more load capacity than competitors, the TravelScoot ™ became an immediate sensation. Another significant weight reduction was achieved with the introduction of the lithium-ion battery. Now, the total weight is only about one third of that of comparable mobility scooters. Conveniently, reduced vehicle weight results in a marked increase in range. An added feature, more cosmetic in nature, is that the TravelScoot ™ doesn’t look like a mobility aid, reducing the stigma associated with these vehicles.

The US patent was awarded in 2007. World-wide patents are pending.

Mean while, Hartmut Huber has sold the rights to TravelScoot ™ in the USA, Australia and other countries, and has returned to his home in Bavaria. He is the sole distributor for TravelScoot ™ in Europe since 2010.

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