10 years TravelScoot electric mobility scooter
Folding mobility scooter TravelScoot


Three different Li-Ion batteries are available, and each can be removed and installed in seconds.

The Deluxe version of the TravelScoot ™ come with the 274 Wh battery (4 lbs).

The 158 Wh battery (3 lbs) is designed for the TravelScoot ™ Shopper, but can be used as the primary or back-up battery in all other TravelScoot ™ models.

The 420 Wh battery (5,5 lbs) provide the best distance but is not permitted for air travel.

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Batteries for the mobility scooter TravelScoot


We offer three different trailers for your TravelScoot ™:

  • Cargo trailer: for transporting pets, boxes, cases of beverages etc.
  • Convertible cargo/passenger trailer: for transporting cargo, or a passenger with second seat installed
  • Standing trailer: for carrying a passenger

The trailer coupling with fixings for the seat bracket on TravelScoot ™ is included.

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Trailer for electric vehicle with transport box

Folding crate with handle

This stable plastic folding crate , with a capacity of 24 or 32 litres, can be opened in seconds. Just lift the handle to unfold the crate. It fits nicely on the frame, in the space between the seat and the steering column, and does not impede movement or require attaching hardware.

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foldable shopping basket for the electric vehicle TravelScoot

Folding Shopping basket for the TravelScoot ™

Bring home your groceries on your scooter safely and easily in this practical metal folding basket.

The foldable basket can be mounted both front and rear.

accessoires for the folding scooter: TravelScoot shopping basket

Auxiliary Battery Tray

Our Auxiliary Battery Tray can be mounted directly beneath the seat, and the battery can remain in place for charging.

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auxiliary battery tray for the mobility scooter

Foot Rest Support Plate

Provides comfortable support for riders who can not bend their knees for some reason (e.g. rigidity or leg in a cast, etc.). The support plate is installed by sliding it over the foot rests – no tools required. It adapts automatically to the rider’s leg angle.

Suspension Seat Post

The suspension seat post is adjustable and available in two weight categories (max. weight 185 lbs, and 185 lbs to 275 lbs).

Suspension for TravelScoot

Wider front wheel and fork

Provides improved handling on tougher terrain such as grass, snow or rutted surfaces. Easy to install. Fits older (belt-driven) TravelScoot ™s as well.

accessoires for the folding scooter: wider front wheel and fork


The padded bag provides ample space and protection for two Lead-Acid or three Lithium-Ion batteries. The elongated padded sleeve protects the handlebar with its electronics.

travel set for the folding mobility scooter TravelScoot

Handy four-piece Cruise Kit

The handy cruise set content a folding basket with a snap-on food tray, a door wedge with attached lanyard and a suction hook. More info

Portable curb ramp

Curbs and thresholds one inch or more high are a real challenge for smaller wheelchair and scooter wheels. Our 31.5” wide double-folding ramp increases your roll-over height by about 2 inches so you can now clear curbs up to 3 inches high without difficulty. The Porta-Ramp weighs less than 3 lbs., and you can lay it down and pick it up without having to get off your scooter. The included handy folding cane serves as a pick-up tool.

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Portable curb ramp

Drive Belt (used only with the earlier belt drive model)

The toothed belt transmits power from the electric motor to the rear axle. Since the timing belt is a consumable item, which must be replaced from time to time, it is recommended to always have a spare belt in stock.

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