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The Auxilliary battery tray allows the electric scooter’s battery to be mounted just below the seat.

By design, it is necessary to remove lithium-ion battery from the TravelScoot ™ for charging. This is no problem for most people, and takes just a few seconds. However, this can be quite a chore for people who have difficulty bending down.

We have an easy fix: Our Auxiliary Battery Tray can be mounted directly beneath the seat, and the battery can remain in place for charging.

Expansion for two batteries or other aids

The modular design allows extensions to be inserted for the tray to be widened to accept two batteries, or even wider to carry oxygen equipment for COPD patients, for example.

One can even install an additional tray facing aft. There is plenty of load capacity on the Auxiliary tray. Please ask for pricing on additional extension modules.

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