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Cruise ship information

Very large, modern cruise ships can be up to 1200 feet in length and can carry 5000 passengers. To take advantage of the all the amenities and activities one often has to travel fairly long distances on board ship. Even more so if one considers that it may take several days for passenger to familiarize themselves with the spacious decks and elevator locations, and that getting lost is almost inevitable.

The Shopper’s compact size permits access everywhere, and the top speed of 2.5 mph is more than adequate for traveling among all those fellow passengers.

Cabin doors on cruise ships

Furthermore, the cabin doors are narrow, and it is generally prohibited to park mobility aids in the hallways. Both the full-size Junior and both size Shoppers fit through the narrowest doors on board, and even the regular full size TravelScoot ™ requires only a quick removal of the seat to pass through a doorway at an angle.

24 inch doors will allow the Full Size to pass without any disassembling and still 3/8 inch (10 mm) clearance on either side.

Door width 58 cm = 23 inches

Door width 61 cm = 24 inches

Mobility Scooter in the cabin door (61 cm) of a cruise ship

Storage of the TravelScoot in the cabin

There is plenty of room for any TravelScoot ™ in even the smallest cabin. You won’t have to constantly climb over your scooter.

It’s sensationally low weight of 26 lbs for the Shopper and 36 lbs for the full size allows to be lifted into any suitable storage location. Heavier mobility scooters must be maneuvered into parking position, which is often not possible due to the tight space, not to mention that they won’t fit through the narrow doorway.

If necessary, the TravelScoot ™ can be folded in seconds and placed in a corner.

Cabins for the disabled

Many cruise lines offer a limited number of handicapped-friendly cabins, but you have to book well in advance and pay a surcharge. With a TravelScoot ™ you don’t depend on the larger cabin and you can take advantage of last-minute offers.

Width of cabin doors on cruise ships

Unfortunately most cruise lines do not provide door width, but evidently the standard is 58 centimeters (23 inches) or 61 centimeters (24 inches), depending on manufacturer.

For this reason we at TravelScoot ™ have started to compile a list of cruise ship door widths, and are asking our TravelScoot ™ passengers to assist us. The next time you are on board ship, please measure the width of your cabin door. If you don’t have a tape measure, just let us know if the regular, full-size TravelScoot ™ fits through the doorway fully assembled (59.5 cm or 23 7/16 inches), and how much clearance remains.

For info please email: info@travelscoot.com

List of door widths (standard cabins) at the cruise ships of various shipping companies

Cruise Line Vessel Door Clear Inner Width
Costa Diadema 58 cm (23 inches)
Costa Mediterranea 58 cm (23 inches)
MSC Splendida 61 cm (24 inches)
RCCL Monarch of the Seas 58 cm (23 inches)
RCCL Brilliance of the Sea 60 cm (23.6 inches)
Carnival Sunshine 61 cm (24 inches)
AIDA Aidasol 61 cm (24 inches)
AIDA Aidaprima 61 cm (24 inches)
Disney Cruises All Ships 58 cm (23 inches)
Tui Cruises Mein Schiff 6 61 cm

Handy four-piece Cruise Kit

While the TravelScoot ™ will fit through any cabin door, this can still be quite difficult.

One has to overcome the strong door-closing mechanisms, which can be a problem since there is hardly any room for a second person to lend assistance. The extra-thick door stop (1) with attached lanyard takes care of this problem. It can be shoved under the door by foot, and pulled out again without having to bend over. To prevent the lanyard from lying on the floor, find a smooth spot at the appropriate height on the door and attach the suction cup (2). Now you can hang up the door stop.

If the wall is not smooth enough for the suction hook to adhere, tape one of your less-important plastic cards or similar to the wall. This will allow your suction hook to stick.

Shipboard doors have a relatively big gap to the threshold. If the door stop is too narrow, take a piece of paper, fold it four times and place between rubber sleeve and metal wedge. If necessary, increase the paper thickness with additional folds or sheets.

TravelScoot cruise set with door stopper


Many meals on board are served at the buffet. Getting there requires the ability to walk, often unaided, and the use of both hands to carry food back to the table. Furthermore, passengers are often required to wait in line, which is quite unpleasant for people with walking disabilities.
While you may be able to go through the buffet line with a mobility scooter, you would have no more than one hand free for carrying a plate of food. This calls for repeated trips while your first plate gets cold. The TravelScoot ™ Tablet* snaps onto the TravelScoot ™ basket in seconds and is tip-proof. It is large enough for two plates, and now you can carry a drink in your free hand.

* Fits the TravelScoot ™ folding shopping basket only.

Cruise with the electric mobility scooter TravelScoot

Testimonials: TravelScoot on cruise ships

Just wanted to let you know that we just came back from our first cruise since you helped me purchase my Travel Scoot Deluxe. We drove up to Philadelphia International Airport, flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and cruised for 10 days in the South-Eastern Caribbean on Holland America’s new Koningsdam… a "small ship," only just under 1,000 feet long. Fortunately, we were able to upgrade to a "premium suite", so we had the starboard-aft corner of the 5th floor all to ourselves. It was a good cruise, with a lot of opportunities for "long walks" (or, in my case, "pleasant rides") to get around the ship.

Things that impressed me about the Travel Scoot Deluxe:

1. It is light enough that I can load and unload it from our Acura MDX. It was light enough that my wife, watching through the access ramp window in Fort Lauderdale, "updated me" that the luggage handler was bringing my Travel Scoot up the access stairs "with one hand!"
2. Given the narrow but comfortable width of the Travel Scoot, I was able to negotiate around the "larger scooters" that were evidently too large to fit in the other passenger's cabins. I understand the "reasoning," but leaving them out in the relatively narrow passageways on a ship?
3. A number of people, on seeing my sleek, 300 lb. self on the lightweight Travel Scoot have asked what it is, where I got it (or, on the Koningsdam, "…is it yours or did you rent it?"), and what did it cost. I gave them a brief description, and then handed them one of the business cards that you enclosed with my order. Very impressive.
4. Getting back to our cruise: Travel Scoot was a "God send" in the Philly airport, as well as in the Fort Lauderdale Airport; the shuttle service to our motel in Fort Lauderdale had no problem with the Travel Scoot. On the Koningsdam, all I can say is that the Travel Scoot made possible a trip that I otherwise would not have been capable of doing and enjoying.

So much for the cruise. My Travel Scoot has not been sitting in a corner collecting dust since I received it. When we go shopping at Redner’s and Sam’s Club, two "wholesale stores the size of a couple of football fields," I no longer have to worry if "their" scooters are available, and "if available, are the batteries charged, or will I be stuck at the back of the store with a dead battery?" I just "bring my Travel Scoot" with us. And again, customers notice "this big guy on what looks like a tiny little scooter," zipping down the aisles! Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my Travel Scoot Deluxe!

Having taken the Travel Scoot on a cruise and actually used it, my wife and I came up with only two "accessories" that would be helpful:

Other than that, as I have said previously, I am very happy with my Travel Scoot Deluxe. Oh, one more item… I have run out of the small packet of Travel Scoot business cards that you had originally sent – Maybe you have an extra half-dozen or so new orders from those that I passed them out to...

Would it be possible to get some additional business cards? I do not mind "pushing a product that I believe in".Best regards, and a very Happy Holiday Season

Richard C. Saladino

My husband I recently went on a cruise and took along my “Travel Scoot”. I used it all week on the ship and in every port that we visited. While on the ship we had several inquires a day by passengers who thought it was a fantastic piece of mobility equipment. At one of the ports we had to take a tender boat from the ship to the port. The “Travel Scoot” was the only mobility scooter allowed on the tender boat because of its compact size and weight. We would highly recommend the “Travel Scoot” to anyone with limited mobility. I used it all day and night on the ship with additional trips to the ports on the same charge with very little drain on the battery. At the end of the night we still had the full charge light showing.

Lorraine Bueno

We purchased a travelscoot in hope of finding a light weight scooter that my wife can use by herself. We asked if TravelScoot could ship the scoot 1 day earlier than promised so that my wife could take and use it on her cruise. That they did and the day after it arrived my wife left with it for the cruise. She had no problems on her seven day cruise with the exception of having to back out of a crowed elevator. It took a little effort to do this with people in the elevator. Other than that, she was thrilled with the Scoots ability on ramps and the freedom that it gave her when she went ashore . She would not have been as free and mobile with a heavier scooter. At least a hundred or so people on the cruise talked to her about the Scoot and asked her all about it They were amazed that mobility could come in such a light weight package. The local MS group wants her to bring and show it at their next meeting If only she was on commission. Thank you for the TravelScoot

W.R. Hunchar

Hi Hardy! The spares that you sent arrived today. Thank you for your helpful service and if I need anymore spares I will be in touch. I will be in the Carribean in a week or two and the scooter is a real help onboard ship because I have trouble walking long distances this is were the TravelScoot comes into its element. Thanks Again, Regards


Hi, just wanted to write you and tell you, thank you for this wonderful scooter. I bought mine through "Scootanywhere" . I just returned from an 8 day cruise, and my scooter was a life saver. I have MS, and have an unsteady gait. There is no way I would have been able to walk the length of the ship, or go on the shore excursions without it! We shopped the whole town of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, with all its steep hills and cobble stone streets for about 4 hours, and my battery never got off "green"! I was a little concerned about going through the airports and traveling on planes, but did not encounter a single problem. On the cruise ship, I did not have a handicapped accessible room, yet, we still had plenty of room and was able to get the scoot through the door. Also, before this trip, I took the scooter to the zoo for the day, the battery never got off green at that time either. I have a Toyota Prius, and have plenty of room to store the scooter in the back. Once again, thank you!

Christine Bogatitus

I called several times and discussed your scooter with Tony before choosing to buy. What a wonderful decision! I have taken my TravelScoot to France and back and all around this country. It has done every thing I have asked of it: cobblestones, inclines, crowded spaces,etc. It has plenty of power and the battery lasts way longer than I would have anticipated. The maneuverability is amazing. It folds up and unfolds with ease. It makes airports a breeze. I could not have done these trips without my TravelScoot. It keeps me independent. I have ALS, and so I am anticipating a much further decline in my physical abilities. Meanwhile, I am planning lots of trips and living my life while I still can. I will go on a Mediterranean cruise with my sisters next month, and then on to SanFrancisco with my husband. I do not need to burden my travel companions with the hassle and physical exertion of pushing me in a wheelchair. Many people stopped me and inquired about my TravelScoot. I hope you hear from them. I praised it highly. I have lots more photos if any would be of interest to you. Thanks for such a great product!

Madeline Kennedy

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