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Folding mobility scooter TravelScoot

Available soon: Disability-Rickshaw

People with mobility challenges who also are unable to propel themselves are essentially limited to being moved around by manual wheelchair, of which there are many.

Because of the necessary foldability, these are almost without exception extremely heavy at around 15 kg, bulky and, on top of that, very often uncomfortable. The pushing and attending caregiver must struggle with the first two issues, and the passenger with the third. Add to that the stigma associated with wheelchairs, which doesn’t exactly boost an individual’s self-confidence. And as far as luggage goes – forget it!

TravelScoot ™’s goal to reduce these undesirable characteristics and eliminate having to push altogether has been achieved with our Disab-Rickshaw. The wheelchair is replaced with a super-comfortable and much lighter folding camping seat that has been reinforced to handle the new job and can be folded in seconds. The wheeled unit consists of an aluminum frame with quick-release wheels. Folding is not necessary. The folding seat can be strapped to the frame in just a few seconds. This combination weighs little more than 18 lbs. The “wheelchair” has been transformed into a rolling seat, and there is plenty of room for luggage under the seat.

The drive system consists of proven TravelScoot ™ motor and frame components fitted with a standing platform for the (previously pushing) caregiver and coupled to the new wheel-chair unit. Steering, speed and braking and backing up is handled by the standing driver. The steering mechanism is similar to that of a Asian rickshaw, hence the name. Including the Li-Ion Battery, the ready to ride set-up is not much heavier than 40 lbs. and fit easy through the hatchback of most cars after the seat is removed and folded in seconds. A certain fun-factor was not really part of the plan, but numerous participants found it to be nice bonus.

The new Escape by TravelScoot ™

The new TravelScoot ™ Escape is the result of years of positive feedback and customer input. The performance specifications are the same as with the previous TravelScoot ™ Deluxe design.

The dimensions are slightly more compact; It will fit through any cruise ship cabin door, even smaller ones. You no longer have to painstakingly gather information from the cruise lines about door widths. The new folding system makes loading into a car easier, as well.

As with the Shopping Cruiser, the step-over height has also been reduced to less than half that of the previous model.

The total weight including the 252 Wh battery was further reduced by about 1.5 kg to only 14.8 kg without affecting the load capacity. That is a tremendous amount considering that the battery, motor and wheels remain unchanged.

Der neue Escape von TravelScoot

Unlike the predecessor model Travelscoot Deluxe, the Escape no longer requires you to choose between two sizes. The vehicle fits people from about 150 cm to 190 cm in height, and 155 kg. (The scooter will accommodate heavier riders, please inquire). A person with a 150 cm girth should have no problem fitting on the Escape. However, for people above these size parameters we offer a selection of affordable accessories to accommodate riders 200 cm and above. The Escape can also accommodate people smaller than the above parameters, with the use of our proven modifications for smaller-statured adults and children.

All our existing accessories can also be used on the new model.

The new Shopping Cruiser by TravelScoot

Since its introduction in 2004 the TravelScoot ™ is and has remained the world’s lightest mobility scooter, without interruption; Not a single competitor came even close to our unmatched 16 kg.

We even opted for wider wheels to allow riding on mowed grass or bumpy terrain. It is virtually impossible to reduce weight further without.

  1. Weakening the structure
  2. Reducing motor output
  3. Installing smaller wheels
  4. Reducing battery capacity

There are many venues and facilities across the globe that see primarily pedestrian traffic, with paved surfaces and modest inclines. The operators of these places also require that vehicles permitted in these areas do not exceed pedestrian speeds, for obvious safety reasons. In order to satisfy this requirement we have applied points 2, 3 and 4 to our new Shopping Cruiser, further trimming down the weight while maintaining full frame strength.

Mobility scooter TravelScoot Shopper

By reducing motor output to 100W and wheel size to 6 inches we have managed to meet the above requirement for 4 km/h maximum allowable speed while also reducing the already low weight by a further 4 kg to 12 kg total when equipped with our 152Wh battery.
The Shopping Cruiser has no problem climbing an 8% incline from a standstill with 150 kg load (the international standard for wheelchair ramps is 6%).

While cobblestones are never comfortable to ride on, they don’t pose a problem. Our suspension seat post provides comfort.

The only drawback is that the Cruising Shopper prefers relatively solid surfaces (avoid grass).

TravelScoot auf Kopfsteinpflaster

Shopping Cruiser on a dirt trail

The noticeably lower entry height, 9 cm, or less than half that of the regular TravelScoot ™, is a significant update. This is enormously helpful for those who have severe problems standing and walking.

Because of its extreme low weight, quick and simple folding and its minimal storage space requirements, the Shopping Cruiser is predestined for hourly or daily rental in pedestrian-only zones, shopping centres, fairs, expos, museums, cruise ships an so on.

Our child mid-mod seat and LP mod fit on the Shopping Cruiser as well.

TravelScoot Deluxe

Note: No longer in production. However, spare parts, service and repair remain available. All Deluxe accessories can be used on our new models.

The TravelScoot ™ Deluxe comes equipped with a 252 Wh lithium-ion battery. A 152Wh and 420Wh option are available. It is also possible to stack two batteries to increase range. However, only one battery at a time can be plugged in. Swapping connections takes less than a minute.

For more information on batteries click here.

Mobility Scooter TravelScoot

The TravelScoot ™ is available in two sizes. The smaller Junior version is suitable for persons ranging from roughly 140 to 165 cm in height and of proportionate build. The weight difference to the full-size version is negligible, since the frame is “shrunk” by only a small amount of aluminum tubing. Customized seating options are available for children 6 and older and short-statured people around 85 cm and up tall.

Mobility Scooter TravelScoot


Our 252 Wh battery provides about a range of approximately 18 km with a 100 kg load. Battery condition, load, driving style and terrain will affect endurance. Lighter riders may expect more range, while heavier riders can expect less range.


Li-ion charger: 1.6 Ah

Charging duration: 6 to 10 hrs depending on battery size

Maximum speed and weight

6 km/h (max. allowed for non-licensed vehicles)

155 kg max. recommended load


200 watt hub motor

Full-Size inch
Unfolded 34 x 23 x from 27 to 39
Folded With Front Wheel 40 x 15 x 10
Folded Without Front Wheel 33.5 x 15 x 10
Junior-Size inch
Unfolded 34 x 20 x from 20 to 35
Folded With Front Wheel 37 x 15 x 10
Folded Without Front Wheel 30.5 x 15 x 10

TravelScoot child (mid-mod) seat

The so-called child mid-mod is designed to grow with your child. As your child grows the seat can be gradually raised and the backrest can be moved aft. When the child grows 140 cm, the mid-mod module can be replaced with the regular Junior configuration. There is no charge for this aside from modest shipping fees.

TravelScoot LP (little person) mod

Short-statured individuals, primarily those with achondroplasia, will find our lowest seat option very suitable, as it allows them to comfortably reach the handlebars and footrests. Personal items can be stowed beneath the seat. Our folding basket can be attached to the front or rear in the same manner as with our other TravelScoot ™ models.

* For short individuals of proportionate build is we recommend our mid-mod.

Matt Roloff and his family are little people, for the most part, and live on their farm near Hillsboro, Oregon/USA. www.rolofffarms.com

For the past 15 years the Roloffs have been the main characters in the reality-TV show Little People, Big World, which is broadcast in numerous countries.

Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff

They show the various challenges little people must deal with on a daily basis. In addition, several of them have mobility issues. Matt contacted TravelScoot back in 2006 and said that no suitable light-weight mobility scooter options existed for this group of people. TravelScoot designer Hardy Huber saw this as a challenge, and since then has been the go-to person for little people from around the globe.

© Fotos: Thomas Schuster

Around that time, very heavy-weight people began to take notice of the TravelScoot, and they, too, found that the TravelScoot provided a solution to their needs (travelscoot-blog). The basic TravelScoot can be customized for large and small with the addition of just a few components.

A spare Escape-frame as a back-up

Even though the TravelScoot electric mobility scooters have proven to be very reliable over the years, there are times when a back-up scooter would be quite useful.

Even the most reliable vehicle needs maintenance and repair from time to time, and who can do this better than the vehicle manufacturer or dealer? Of course, they are usually not located near the customer, and time in shipping to and from could take a week or longer. Many TravelScoot owners, however, use their scooter almost daily, and do not want to be without it for that long. In most cases only the folded basic frame needs to be shipped, without the seat assembly, battery, caddy, footrests or front wheel.

Now you can purchase a spare Escape frame at a reduced price. You simply install the components you kept, and your back-up vehicle is ready to go in just minutes. You won’t have to suffer any “TravelScoot withdrawals’” while your scooter is out for repair.

TravelScoot Bare Bone Replacement Frame for the Escape
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