10 years TravelScoot electric mobility scooter
Folding mobility scooter TravelScoot

Traveling with the TravelScoot

The TravelScoot’s incomparable light weight and small size allows it to be taken along everywhere.

Whether it’s a trip to the corner store, a bus ride into town, or a trip around the world, TravelScoot ™ makes it all possible, even if the feet say no. If walking is difficult, then standing is usually not so great, either. But standing is a daily necessity, whether in line at the bank, at a counter, or just waiting around. If you are on a TravelScoot ™, your not standing, your SITTING in line. You always have your own seat with you on public transport, and don’t have to wait for someone to offer you their seat. Just park your TravelScoot ™ perpendicular to the direction of travel, and set the hand brakes.

Often trains provide seating with adjacent wheelchair/mobility aid parking areas, and in the event of crowding, one may park here stay seated on the TravelScoot ™.

At airports, you can roll from the entrance all the way to the door of the plane, and vice versa upon arrival, without having to rely on airport wheelchair assistance.

Tips for Airports

All public transport operators, whether local bus companies, shipping lines or airlines, are required to transport all orthopedic aids such as wheelchairs and electric scooters free of charge, provided they can accommodate them, which is most frequently the case.

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