10 years TravelScoot electric mobility scooter
Folding mobility scooter TravelScoot

Robust plastic folding crate (without assembly)

This 32-litre or 24-litre capacity, plastic folding crate with handle can be opened in seconds. Just lift the handle to unfold the crate. It fits nicely on the frame, in the space between the seat and the steering column, and does not impede movement or require attaching hardware.

Foldable shopping basket for the electric vehicle

When finished shopping, simply lift the crate up, place it on the checkstand conveyor, and place it back on the TravelScoot ™ after checkout. Now you won’t need to ask for a shopping bag (for which there is now often an additional charge), and you are helping the environment!

Electric vehicle TravelScoot with shopping basket

Drive your electric scooter to go shopping.

This folding crate will also barely fit on the TravelScoot ™ Junior. However, if this is awkward, a smaller, 24-litre size is also available.

Capacity: 24 litres / 32 litres
Material: plastic

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