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My husband, Benjamin Cervantes and I can easily fit 2 unfolded TravelScoots in the back of our 2014 Toyota Prius V by just lowering down the handle bars.
That’s an older Deluxe model and the new Escape side by side unfolded in the back of the trunk. The back seats of our 2014 Prius V were not folded down to accommodate both our TravelScoots.
Do you know of any mobility scooter in the same category that can come any close in to our TravelScoots? Here’s why we love our TS…
Ease of use, lightweight, overall design, simplicity, quality and built well to last for years. Most importantly, unparalleled customer service (they are always available and will answer your calls and questions).
Price may be prohibitive for some but it’s totally worth every penny you paid for.
Some are upgrading to the latest model, the Escape, because they don’t want to miss out in the newest and latest improvements. And because of this, buying a used one is easier than ever.
To summarize the difference, the new Escape has the ease in folding it down in just one easy click. The older models require two clicks.
In addition, the Escape is built closer to the ground making it easier to hop on to ride it. But I also love my older Deluxe because the bag or storage capacity of the carrier under the chair is bigger than the Escape. Basically, more stuff to carry in the red triangle shaped carrier bag that is under the seats. It’s a girls’ thing if you know what I mean.
A used or any of the older models are just as good as the Escape because they are built to last and most parts that are needed to be replaced due to wear and tear are available to purchase through their website.
Generally, I have not heard of or come across anyone complaining about owning a TravelScoot. Some sadly have to give up in using their TS because they can’t simply ride it anymore due to illness or inability to safely operate it due to health or physical limitations.
TravelScoot USA is the BEST!

Benjamin Cervantes fit 2 unfolded TravelScoots in the back of our 2014 Toyota Prius V

Just love my travel scoot, does not disappoint and even fits in the small trunk of our roadster Z3!! Both "mobility devices" are great fun! Thanks for such a super product.

Kathy Senecal TravelScoot fits in the small trunk of a roadster Z3

Hey there Bonnie!
I just wanted to take a moment and share with you the results of my first month with my TravelScoot. I was a little overwhelmed at first when I looked at all the pieces that needed to be put together when I received it. I was afraid my Muscular Dystrophy physical limitations would be a hindrance. But not! It was simple to put together and everything worked fine from the beginning.

My wife finds it easy to lift and put into the back of our SUV by just taking off the back rest and lowering the handlebars. We use a bungee cord to secure it so it does not roll around. I have no problem getting it out of the vehicle by myself but have yet tried to lift it to put it in by myself.

We found ourselves able to get out of the house more and more often to places that I would otherwise not be able to go because of walking distances. One such trip was to the Desert Museum outside of Tucson. The scooter handled the hard packed desert trails very well! I was afraid it would have trouble going up hills in the rough terrain, but little or no problems were encountered. We covered the 2 1/2 miles of desert trails and had a spectacular time!

I did try to go “off trail” to turn around once and got stuck in soft sand. I knew better, as soft terrain was mentioned in the owner’s manual as something to avoid. I just pushed it back onto the trail and off I went.

We stayed at a hotel that trip and I used the scooter inside the hotel. They had a relatively small elevator that I was able to turn around in with ease.

Our next venture was to a lake restaurant at Lake Pleasant outside of Phoenix. I took off on my scooter and I was at the restaurant before the rest of my party, which was waiting in the parking lot for a shuttle. The trip back to the parking lot put a strain on the scooter as it was a steep large hill back up to the parking lot. I made it with slow going.

The Cramp Buster throttle control you suggested is very helpful and easy to use. I’m glad I bought it.

I was still on my first battery charge after the above two trips plus several trips to a grocery store and a mall and a trip to a Phoenix airport terminal. I decided against buying a second battery. I am charging the battery once a week and that works fine for me. I do not use the scooter around the house or every day. I use it for long distance walking trips.

All in all, I am very happy with the scooter and thankful that I bought it. It has opened my life back up!

Bystanders notice it’s mobility and apparent light weight. Several people have inquired about the scooter and I have given them your business card.

Thank you for all of your help and perseverance in helping me decide to buy the scooter. Should anyone want a demonstration of the scooter while I am in Phoenix or back home in Missouri, please let me know. I would be happy to help, and show off!

Thanks again!


Dear Russ, I know it has been more than three months ago, but I still want to thank you for your great help.
You went out of your way and took care of our problem the TravelScoot - even on a Sunday.

It has worked perfectly since you fixed it, and it saved the rest of our vacation.
It made it possible to travel around your beautiful country and around the US.

When it quit on us, my husband was ready to take the first plane back home, because without it working the trip just wouldn´t be the same for him. Thank you again.

Pia from Denmark Pia from Denmark with his TravelScoot.

I live in South Australia and like most of the world we are in the grips of this dreadful virus. My Travelscoot has made me feel safer when I go food shopping because I’m not touching a trolley and can move away from people quicker than I could walk. Travelscoot to my rescue once again Thankyou ❤️

Jenny Cowley

Hi Travelscoot, I’ve had my travelscoot for about a year now.
Last year the wife and I went to Portugal And we had a superb time, probably because of the Travelscoot. This year we are planing to travel to Scotland and then to France.
During this first year of owning a Travelscoot I have distributed all 100 business cards which you had mailed to me. If you had gotten business card referrals by Bob F., that would be me.
Everytime i go out in public (Parkinson’s Support group or educational conference, or Fair or race) I get constant attention because of the gizmo.
I am driving. Everyone I encountered has an uncle or close friend who needs a Travelscoot. Before I had lost my voice, that was not a problem. But since then my voice has gone soft and it is difficult to hear an understand me.
I need to get from You 100-150 business cards ASAP because at the end of this month I will be traveling from Southern California to Northern California, Napa specifically, for a marathon. The wife is a runnner, not me!
Thanks in advance for the business cards !

Bob Fleisig

Hello folks, I purchased a TravelScoot several months ago from a local woman (named Rhonda) whose husband (the scooter user) had recenty passed away. I am 72, have Post-Polio Syndrome and this year my left leg got so weak that I needed mobility assistance.
I am writing to tell you what a TERRIFIC product it has been for me. And how “freeing”! I just returned from a Western Caribbean cruise (NCL), and the scooter was a fabulous way for me to get fore and aft on the very long ship. I was also able to drive it off the boat and do shore excursions (other than on sand, of course). AND, going through those long long airport corriders was a snap.
In addition, it was a great conversation-starter. Tons of people – young and older – would compliment and comment on it. It was a great way to not feel quite so old and disabled.
I will be using it at the Abilities Expo here in Los Angeles this February. Will you have a booth there? If so, I’ll scoot by and say hi!

Liz Weller

Tony, I hope you remember me as I have bought two travelScoots! Right now I am traveling with my family in Tuscany and Florence and I could never have done it without the TravelScoot! I’m so grateful that I found it! Just wanted to share with you a wonderful story: We were in Florence yesterday and I met another family. The mom had suffered a stroke and they were pushing her in a wheelchair. I let her try out my TravelScoot and she loved it! I gave your contact information and I hope that they reach out to you. They are a family from New Jersey. If they do reach out to you, will you please give them my email address? I would love to speak with her again. Thanks!

Julie Haroun

Dear Friends at TravelScoot USA
My name is Sela Eden and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing a product that has helped me in such a profound way that you need to know. The versatility of the TraveLScooter has created more independence for me as I could ever imagine. Additionally as I am a stroke victim I have to depend on others to bring me places so the fact that it is so lightweight and easy to manage is a relief to both of us. Once I’m at my destination I’m am free to roam and be mobile without someone having to push me around.
Your follow up and comprehensive videos on line have been very helpful and useful. The fact that I can travel with it overseas is another blessing on top of all it has done for me already.
Rest assured you are providing a product to the public that is life changing and I will spread the word of what an impact it has made in my life.
Continued success to you and thank you.

Sela Eden Sela Eden drives a TravelScoot that has changed her life.

I took delivery of my Travel Scoot in November last year and have to say how marvelous it is. I have taken it to France using trains from London and then through France as well as on trains in my Country. Fabulous. Every time I take it out somebody stops me to discuss it to see if it could help their disability and have given out all the cards sent with the scooter. Could you please send me a further supply which I can continue to dispense. From one very satisfied customer. By the way, one such outlet was tao a shop selling disability items and mobile chairs.

David Duncan-Skingle

Well I did back to back cruises for Christmas and New Years on NCL Getaway. It was great. My TravelScoot performed like a champ even with me at 340 lbs. Then I came to Daytona Beach, FL for a couple weeks and went on another cruise. NCL Epic for 10 days. I just have to say there is no way I could do the things I do now without my TravelScoot. Right now I am by the pool in Daytona and yes I ride it to the pool. I love my scooter!!! I can not imagine life without it at this point. I just ride it downstairs and collapse the front handle down and lift into the back of my SUV and off I go. It has opened up so much for me that I had stop doing because of my back and knees. If you are on the fence buy it.

Penny Stone Hoar

I've been on many cruises with my TravelScoot. Would not be able to walk those huge ships without it. And I usually have quite a few passengers and staff ask me about it also.

Julie G Rash

Just a quick thank you for all the info and advice about the travelscoot you have passed on via your web site over the last few years. I have researched the market and looked at plenty scooters but thanks to your information finally bought one from Germany just before Xmas. It has changed my life style completely. The engineering standards of the scooter are of the highest levels, so once again thanks for website, keep up the good work.

Stuart Ball

My mom has had her TravelScoot now for at least 10 years and put many happy miles on it. It’s still going strong. She had an incident yesterday that has me coming to you with a question. Is there a way to adjust the maximum speed? I need to slow her down as her judgment of making turns is not as good as it used to be.

Marc Shumaker

Hi. Happy New Year to you all, many thanks for the quick despatch and receipt of travelscooter. The assembly and use could not have been easier, it has already made a tremendous difference to my life. It has enabled me to travel over Xmas and New Year to several destinations which were not accessible before. Again many thanks for the scooter, the quality of the workmanship and engineering is of the highest order.

Stuart Ball

I've experience with both travelscoot and smartscoot. The choice is travelscoot, hands down. They are about the same age. In that time I've replaced all the smartscoot wheels, one of them twice; the battery charger; the battery; and it's currently waiting to go to the shop. Meanwhile, over the same time period (about 3 years) the maintenance on the travelscoot has consisted of removing gravel from the wheel treads. Also, the travelscoot folds down much smaller; it will fit in the trunk of any car that way, or in a back seat. The smartscoot seat folds down but that's all - I have to put a seat down to transport it. I could go on about the difference in seat comfort and the stability of two seat posts instead of one as well.

Scout Sweeney

Hello! My name is Elisabeth Rinsoz from Switzerland. I have bought a TravelScoot from you last year. I am SO happy with it. I got a life back. With the scoot you sent me a number of business cards which I have kept in my handbag. People often enough stop me and ask me about the scooter. I give them the card. I gave away the last one yesterday. Could you please send me another pack of them? I am glad to be able to distribute them and maybe help someone have an easier time with their mobility. Thank you and best regards

E. Rinsoz E. Rinsoz from Switzerland with her TravelScoot.

I really don’t know how I would have gotten along without this ”Travel Scoot”. It has been a blessing.

Bobbie Allen Bobbie Allen really doesn't know how he'd do without that TravelScoot.

Thank you for having me apart of this great group. It took a while, but my incredible hubby gave me my early Christmas present. My 1st travelscoot! 😊... He flew to the mainland to bring it back home, just got it yesterday and early this morning took it for a spin. Went into places of Waikiki I normally wouldn't have been able to go on my own. This is just the start of many adventures. I'm feeling so blessed, never thought how incredible the freedom to ride around, "check out the sights" really was. Can't wait to share more places with you all, and can't wait to see your places too. Have a blessed week. Aloha. BTW, got asked by people about my scoot.. And had lots of heads turned checking it out.


I have been using my Travelscoot for several years and I am extremely pleased.
I have used my scooter at the airport and as gate checked baggage, on cruise ships at hotels and resorts.
I am frequently asked questions about it and have photos taken of the scooter.
Per your request I have demonstrated the scooter to potential customers.

Ed Beer

Writing to tell you I love my scooter esp after I got streamers for the handles and a clown horn. Have been to the county fair, the state fair, two art shows and an Antique Fair..thank you sooo much. Have handed out a few cards plus had to send pics of the scooter in use to a Facebook friend in Texas. Thank you soooo much

Elaine Williams

Hello! I just want to tell you that I am so happy, travel scoot gave me my life back. With the travel scoot, you are even able to visit the swiss alps! Isnt it amazing!? In the town Adelboden theres no problem at all! Thank you for a fantastic summer!

Annika Lüthi Annika Lüthi has her life back thanks to the incredible TravelScoot!

My Travelscoot enabled me to attend 4 days of Machine quilting classes at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival. It's held every 2 years & this is the first time I've actually taken part.
Last AMQF, I'd paid for registration & classes, but didn't have the energy to do them. This time the TS made all the difference, I clould save energy by scooting around the venue, going from class to class or shopping in the vendor booths.
Oh how much easier life is with a Travelscoot.
Photo is taken at the end of my last class on the last day, so it shows an exhausted but happy me.

Wendy Zozuk Wendy Zozuk completed machine quilting classes with the TravelScoot

Today I spoke to Tony on the phone. I let him know we were at the L.A.County Fair and 40 people must have stopped us for a picture of our Travelscoot and to get info on it. People are absolutely crazy for this vehicle and it has been a godsend for me. By the way, I also take it to my local hospital to ride and have my pet therapy dog at my side. We go and visit patients. It works beautifully. I am attaching a picture of us riding it at the fair.

Karen Knight Karen Knight on the Route 66 with the TravelScoot

I’m on vacation 800 miles from home. My TravelScoot is my constant companion, my loyal steed. When I packed my gear I grabbed my spare belt for the hell of it. The Allen wrenches live in my purse - always. So I kept hearing that tell-tale chattering more and more until I finally saw the belt was 2/3 torn. I looked up instructions for changing the belt and found Tony’s video was simple and easy to follow. I encountered a few obstacles but with the help of the hotel worker we got the job done. I found that it helps to have hands stronger than mine. Sigh. Another fact of aging to get used to.

Lynn Ellen

My wife has had a travekscoot for many years now. A fantastic mobility aid.
She actually used this at a big disability road show. She was stopped so many times with people asking about it. The sales men from some of the sub standard travel aids were very upset at the high quality and design that Travelscoot demonstrated! My wife has even been stopped by teenagers wanting to know where to get one from. If you’ve not won any award it is high time that you did from your design in Travelscoot. Many thanks.

Stephen and a Lorna Booth

I’ve had the TravelScoot for 4 years and have taken in around the world, it’s fantastic and has saved me numerous times and made my day one I could do without the pain and wear of walking so much to keep up with others or distances.
I'm not into social media, so I won't be posting this; however, you are more than welcome to quote me. I have handed out many of your business cards. The Scoot itself is it's best own advertisement! Folks are constantly stopping us to ask about it. For example: When we arrived at the Denver airport, a fellow watched us quickly unfold it after pulling it out of the trunk of a car (Lyft) that dropped us off curbside, and just had to stop and ask us about it. Another gal at the Denver Botanic gardens with walking and breathing difficulties talked with us (she wasn't ready to get on, but she ask Lorin to demonstrate how fast it could go) goes on and on, and we will continue to be an advocate for TravelScoot!


I’ve had the TravelScoot for 4 years and have taken in around the world, it’s fantastic and has saved me numerous times and made my day one I could do without the pain and wear of walking so much to keep up with others or distances.

Ed Lent

Roxanne is fixed and ready to roll once more!!! Thank you all who helped and God bless Tony for making these videos! This group is invaluable and I appreciate you all so much!! God bless Hardy, our miracle engineer/inventor of our beloved Scoots! Oh, how much easier life is with this precious device!’

Stacie Steinberg

Good afternoon
I purchased one of your TravelScoot Deluxe about 4 years ago and now find that the steering column moves probably 2 cm from the upright position and also if I leave the wheels on the ground I cannot move the spring loaded studs - I have found that if I raise the front wheel into the perpendicular position I can then operate these with ease
I wonder if the bearings might have gone near the front wheel - this is also showing signs of slight rust near this wheel socket. Can you suggest a repair kit and how much would it be please - many thanks
I have to say I have used it extensively and it has been abused at times because I try to go where I want and it never fails me - it is without a doubt a marvellous piece of kit and has enhanced my life no end - I have taken it abroad many times and always end up having a conversation with a local and they cannot speak English and I cannot speak in their tongue but we communicate with gestures - everyone has been impressed
I look forward to hearing from you
Best wishes

David Noble

I have had my TravelScoot a little more than three weeks now and just returned from a trip to northern Arizona and New Mexico where are used it several times for sightseeing.
What a fantastic mobility scooter. The design and construction are unparalleled compared with other scooters. It fits in the back of my Scion IQ with only removing the seat, front wheel and battery A great product.!!

Dennis Foster scooter mobilità si adatta nella parte posteriore di una macchina (Scion IQ) scooter mobilità si adatta nella parte posteriore di una macchina

Hello,First of all, can I just add to all the amazing testimonials on your website and say that my Travelscoot has totally transformed my life? I love it and the freedom it gives me, and the fact that it looks cool, rather than sad - my Travelscoot is admired wherever I go.
But one of the lever clamps that holds the yoke in place on my Travelscoot must have fallen off when it was in the boot of a taxi, as it is no longer there. (see photo below, the part that is missing is in the red circle) Can I buy a replacement from you? I am in London (UK) Or, if it is easier, could you give me the exact specification so I can buy one from a cycle shop or similar?
Thank you in advance for your help. And thank you for all that you have done to make my life so much better - it’s hugely appreciated. Best,

Mary Stow

Fröhliche Weihnachten, Bernd. The card front shows me (on right) and my good friend Hadyn enjoying our holiday in Benalmadina this September. The TravelScoot has given us both a new lease of life and our wives have never been fitter! As a retired mechanical design engineer and a design and technology secondary school teacher my opinion is that the TravelScoot is a perfect mix of materials, versatility, ergonomics and function. My compliments to Hartmut Huber!
Thanks again for your exemplary service over the past year and I wish you all the very best for 2018. Best wishes,

Mike Smith

How can I possibly thank you enough? You have rescued my vacation. I considered renting another scooter, but nothing compares with TravelScoot's light weight and ease of use. My daughter didn’t want to deal with any other brand. And your customer service, both on the US west coast and in Germany, now rival my former personal favorites, Apple and Amazon. You guys are awesome!

Sharon Williams

Good day, My name is Heather Coetzee, I have owned a TravelScoot for one year and I have got my life back! After 3 years mostly homebound and making use of a wheelchair in South Africa, I have freedom again and at the energetic age of 41 and touring musician, it feels amazing to be productive and independent each day again! Thank you Travel Scoot!!! The TravelScoot is an incredible product, I have toured to Mozambique, travelled to the United Kingdom and France on various flights, ferries, buses and trains, alone – I experienced tears of joy many times, aware that without the TravelScoot there is no ways I would be able to have enjoyed those moments! I have challenged and driven TravelScoot on so many different terrains and have been very impressed with its durability!

Heather Coetzee

Hello James. Got it… finally! And I did my first ride on the lakefront in Vevey yesterday. Total ecstasy to be able to go for more that 50 meters, to cruise along for 40 minutes, to not be totally exhausted afterwards. WOW! I ordered a junior size because I am rather short and it is a bit smaller and lighter. My husband and I are going to Budapest next week and I am of course taking it along. It gives me an incentive to really practice folding and unfolding it these next few days so that it becomes really easy for me.Thank you for kindly encouraging me and giving me your feedback. Wishing you well. Best regards

Elisabeth Rinsoz crociera con lo scooter TravelScoot

Hi, My mother purchased a travel scoot for myself as a christmas present in November. I now cannot leave the house without at least 3 people stopping me to ask where i purchased the scooter. Unfortunately i have given out all of your cards. Would it be possible to have more business cards sent to me. My order number and date of order placement are 21471 on 15.11.2016. I do hope you can help as this is an amazing product and I would love to see more people in the UK using them.

Dawn Kerrigan

Hello, I would like to start off by saying, "thank you for giving me a life back". We purchase the TravelScoot in February of 2016 & after 7 years of not being able to do much ch at all ... I can go anywhere I want by myself if desired.

Pamela Zueger

After my father purchased one of your units roughly 5-7 years ago, I decided to purchase one myself as I have had 14 surgeries on my ankle as I fell from a cliff in 2003 and figured I would get good use from it during the recovery periods of subsequent surgeries. I also knew that when my mother-in-law came for visits, she too would make good use of it and finally, because of the fact that my father really, really uses his scooter in his world-wide travels, my unit would make a good back-up if his needed some repairs. I have swapped mine out with his several times and made repairs as I was able over the years. The last time I brought mine to home and swapped out the working unit for the one he just brought back from Europe, I found it to be broken beyond my immediate repair skills. The electronic control unit on the handlebar is broken and one of the wires has been broken as well. I am wondering if I can send the whole unit back for a "factory overhaul" or if you can suggest the best way to make the repairs. There are some parts missing, as well. I have attached a picture of the broken controller so you can better see what I'm up against. Please advise how I may proceed. I am in Ventura, California. Thanks! And thanks for giving my father his freedom back. He has always had a penchant for traveling and due to very bad degeneration in his knees, he could hardly walk 10 feet unassisted. Since he bought his Travel Scoot, he has traveled throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, French-Polynesia, throughout North America and many cruises world-wide. This has really allowed him to regain his independence and to fulfill his love of travel.

Barry Anderson

The travelscoot work exactly as pictured on your demo video,except in Amsterdam when we were placed on a "hopper" KLM fight. The elevator didn't work in the terminal and getting to the plane required a long flight of stairs down and usual ones up. The gate agents initially refused to help but ultimately gave in and got baggage handlers to get the cart at the top of the ramp so I didn't have to get it down all the stairs. When we arrived in Prague there was a jet ramp and cart was waiting for me as I exited the plane The American delta people were a bit confused where the cart would be placed when we got in Atlanta and sent me into terminal but cart was left later on the jet way, but the agent who gave me the wrong information went and got it herself. After that we stopped asking and just waited to exit last and it was always there as we exited the plane. Using it in Prague on the tour buses and streets have been a breeze. We head to the river boat tomorrow and I will update you how that works out but so far the AMA boat people have been very solicitous. My wife is a bit jealous as I am ready to go well after she is exhausted! So I love it! Lol

Joe Jackson

The best scooter on the market! Easy to assemble, disassemble and can be modified with many bicycle accessories. My husband loves the way the seat back provides added support for posture. The deluxe model does well on small inclines, bumps and uneven walkways. What we really love about it, is the fact that it is so lightweight and can be maneuvered easy if you need to get over curbs. Of course, the compact portability is a huge plus because we can carry it in anyone’s car or trunk if we decide to ride with friends for shopping days out, etc. My husband bought this for use on our cruise trips and plane rides. We will let you know next month how that worked out. I am sure the cruise ship industry will be teaming with new referrals once this catches on because there won’t be a need for larger rooms. We always reserve handicap rooms so this will be even better because my husband will have even more room to get around in the cabin. I can’t tell you how many times he has wished there was an easier way to travel with the airlines. We are in FL and his mother is in IL, and we always have to rent a huge SUV to fit the scooter and then it takes a small army of people to break it down and get help lifting the parts. It’s insane how heavy scooters are but we are looking forward to having the Travelscoot on our next trip to Chicago so that he can get right in and out of the airport without all of this assistance. Really this scooter has given him more independence. Several people are asking us where did he get this and we are handing out referral cards and website info left and right. We have told them to go ahead and purchase the deluxe because of the increased motor strength for inclines and hills. This product was worth every penny. We are considering buying a second one because I have a degenerative disc disease of my spine and lupus and getting around is getting harder. My husband loves this product. Thanks again!

Richard and Shannon Lewandowski

Last Friday night I led part of the service at Temple Sinai in Oakland, CA, from my scooter. The service was centered around Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month (JDAIM). I'm chair of the Access Committee who sponsored the evening. I didn't know until we got into the service that we were going to do a Hakafah to celebrate a year with our new Torah Scroll ("Hakafah" is what we call the ceremony where we carry the Torah Scroll around the congregation in celebration.)

It was a moving evening for me. I haven't led a service before from the scoot, except for a children's service (THAT was a rousing success - coolest tricycle ever!). I haven't held a Torah Scroll in several years. Tears kept flowing down my face during the Hakafah.

Thank you, Hardy, for making it possible for me to keep on doing work that I love so much.

Ruth Adar Ruth Adar con la sua TravelScoot

Bonjour Bernd, Just to send you a photo taken last saturday in the Ciutadella Park Barcelona where I met, totally by chance, a british lady with the same Travelscoot than mine !!! I am still very happy with may Travelscoot and just oredred this morning few accessoiries.

Marc Philippe crociera con uno scooter

Hello. Last year I purchased a Travelscoot and have been very happy with the quality and performance of this wonderful product. Every time I use the scooter in public, I am stopped by someone who is interested in looking at it and talking about it. I have always provided questioners with one of the business cards you sent along with the scooter. However, I have now run out of cards! Would you kindly send another stack of your business cards, so I can continue to promote this terrific scooter? Thank you, in advance.

Sue Davis

Just wanted to let you know that we just came back from our first cruise since you helped me purchase my Travel Scoot Deluxe. We drove up to Philadelphia International Airport, flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and cruised for 10 days in the South-Eastern Caribbean on Holland America’s new Koningsdam… a "small ship," only just under 1,000 feet long. Fortunately, we were able to upgrade to a "premium suite", so we had the starboard-aft corner of the 5th floor all to ourselves. It was a good cruise, with a lot of opportunities for "long walks" (or, in my case, "pleasant rides") to get around the ship.

Things that impressed me about the Travel Scoot Deluxe:

1. It is light enough that I can load and unload it from our Acura MDX. It was light enough that my wife, watching through the access ramp window in Fort Lauderdale, "updated me" that the luggage handler was bringing my Travel Scoot up the access stairs "with one hand!"
2. Given the narrow but comfortable width of the Travel Scoot, I was able to negotiate around the "larger scooters" that were evidently too large to fit in the other passenger's cabins. I understand the "reasoning," but leaving them out in the relatively narrow passageways on a ship?
3. A number of people, on seeing my sleek, 300 lb. self on the lightweight Travel Scoot have asked what it is, where I got it (or, on the Koningsdam, "…is it yours or did you rent it?"), and what did it cost. I gave them a brief description, and then handed them one of the business cards that you enclosed with my order. Very impressive.
4. Getting back to our cruise: Travel Scoot was a "God send" in the Philly airport, as well as in the Fort Lauderdale Airport; the shuttle service to our motel in Fort Lauderdale had no problem with the Travel Scoot. On the Koningsdam, all I can say is that the Travel Scoot made possible a trip that I otherwise would not have been capable of doing and enjoying.

So much for the cruise. My Travel Scoot has not been sitting in a corner collecting dust since I received it. When we go shopping at Redner’s and Sam’s Club, two "wholesale stores the size of a couple of football fields," I no longer have to worry if "their" scooters are available, and "if available, are the batteries charged, or will I be stuck at the back of the store with a dead battery?" I just "bring my Travel Scoot" with us. And again, customers notice "this big guy on what looks like a tiny little scooter," zipping down the aisles! Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my Travel Scoot Deluxe!

Having taken the Travel Scoot on a cruise and actually used it, my wife and I came up with only two "accessories" that would be helpful:

Other than that, as I have said previously, I am very happy with my Travel Scoot Deluxe. Oh, one more item… I have run out of the small packet of Travel Scoot business cards that you had originally sent – Maybe you have an extra half-dozen or so new orders from those that I passed them out to...

Would it be possible to get some additional business cards? I do not mind "pushing a product that I believe in".Best regards, and a very Happy Holiday Season

Richard C. Saladino

Hi and good morning Bernd. I have now own my Travelscoot for about 18 months and I think that it is long overdue a service, could you please tell me if there is an agents locally to me that I can take it in to. If there isn’t one near me could you please forward me a service manual so that I can do it for myself. My Travelscoot has performed brilliantly and always attracts comments wherever i go on it, I have been like an unpaid salesman for you giving your details out no matter what country I am in. I look forward to a speedy reply and best wishes.

Garry Pevitt

Hi Tony. Just returned from our trip to New Orleans which is the real reason for our purchase. I could never have seen all I was able to without the Scoot. Got a lot of attention too. So many people asking about the unique and compact scooter. Handed out many cards and gave your website to many. Hope it pays off for you


We returned last week from a 3 week trip to Scotland, Ireland and England. I used my TravelScoot almost every day and it really opened up what I was able to experience. My husband loved having it along too, as there were so many more places I could go, so we had a lot more fun together than on other trips, especially to Europe. (In the US, we’d been renting a Go-Go in some places for the last couple of years.)
I could have sold a couple for you! We got lots of people approaching us and asking about it, especially in airports but also in Edinburgh and Dublin. We told them the name and about the website; most of them would be buying in Europe as they were all people from the UK. I forgot to have your cards handy, unfortunately, as I didn’t expect such a large response to the scooter. We call it a tricycle and most people who approached us referred to it as a “little bike.”
I lost a small part. It’s one of those little black caps that go on the end of a protruding part of the braking apparatus. Do you have more of those and can I get one, please? Or should I contact the mfr directly?
I did find, as I’d been advised by your site, you, or another owner, that the scooter is difficult on gravel if it’s not firmly packed, especially on an incline. So I’d get off and walk and my husband (thank God I have him) would either pick the scooter up or pick up one end of it and roll it till we got to a better place in the path. In this way, I got to see a lot of beautiful gardens, close up.
Another problem was that especially on inclines, in crowded areas, people often stepped in front of me without noticing I was there; I think I had better put a flag on it although I don’t know that it would have helped; people are so unconscious and not looking down, but straight ahead (or at their phones!). So I had a few close calls of nearly running into people when I was trying to get up a slope, especially from the street to the sidewalk (over there the DP curb ramps are MUCH steeper than in the US) and people walked stepped in front of me as I was doing that. It’s hard to get up a ramp accelerating and stop immediately at the top! My technique is improving and I always wait till no one’s in the way, but I can’t predict what is going to happen next, of course.
There were no problems with the planes; Irish airlines wanted to know that the battery was less than 300 watts and we were happy to find it was something like 283. I found that having the scooter was much faster and more reliable than getting wheelchairs at the airports; they would bring my scooter up almost immediately from the hold when they brought up baby strollers, and the personnel liked that it was so lightweight; they could actually carry it up stairs easily if necessary rather than putting it on an elevator (which is never right at the plane).
We had four train trips and the conductors were fine with us just lifting it onto the train or rolling it up a ramp, and belting it into the wheelchair position in the car. So we only had to take it apart when we rented cars. We took the duffle with us but didn’t use it even once. My husband became really quick at taking the scooter down and putting it together. I find that it’s difficult for me to press both of the release bolts at the same time so it’s harder for me to assemble and disassemble it alone, but, I can do it. Just takes me quite a bit longer than a person with big strong hands and I fumble several times before I can accomplish the task, either direction.
All in all, we are delighted with having purchased the TravelScoot. It’s opened up my life in the world of travel.

Francine Falk-Allen

Had my TS about six months. Bought since my wife could lift it into our MINI. Lithium battery wonderful. Air travel has been very easy too. Expensive and worth it.

Phil Derkum

I'm in love with my TravelScoot. Just went to a writer's conference and wouldn't have been able to make it through the weekend without it--I had to leave early as it was. It was a lifesaver. I was able to converse with people for more than a second because I wasn't trying to steer them towards a place I could sit before I passed out, I was already sitting and much better off for it. It also folds up so nicely! I was able to fit in in a Prius' trunk with no issue.

E. Mitchell

I have only had my TravelScoot since February. First of I want to start off by saying, I am sure you have heard this from EVERYONE you have sold a TravelScoot to, but you have NO idea how the TravelScoot has changed my life. We were able to drive across country to help my mother during her hip replacement surgery. Everywhere we stopped people wanted to know what this was, were I got it, how it worked. We would catch people looking who wouldn't stop us so we would go up to them telling them it was okay to stop and ask us questions. I am so enthusiastic about telling everyone about how I have "gotten my life back" since purchasing the TravelScoot.

Another funny story ... The women I personally learned the most about the TravelScoot from I had stopped in the Walmart on 7th Ave in Longview WA. My husband and I talked, cried & laughed with her for over and hour. So after I had mine I was at the Walmart on Ocean Beach in Longview WA when someone came up behind me saying my mother has one of those. Long story short this was her daughter, she stood I sat there talking for a long time swapping our stories. She told me how she bought her mother's as a surprise for her.

I have 2 questions today.
1. My husband is saying that it sounds like my TS might need a tune up. Would that be true? What should we be doing to maintain my TS? Are there things that we can't do to maintain it that we would need to bring it to you to do?
2. We were at your place looking at the TS for the first time we told you that the reason we were looking to purchase was because I couldn't walk because of issues with my knees. You had told me about a doctor, I believe a doctor Wood, I believe you said that had just worked on you wife. Would you please be able to give me his name again. We are back from our trip to PA and I have check with another Orthopedic Surgery Center in Longview who seem unwilling to help. I'm about at the end of my rope. I have just recently injured my right leg worse that it already was and now I can't even get from the front of my Jeep to the back without holding on to it just to get to my TS.
Thank you for any help you can offer.

Pamela M Zueger

I have had one of your shopper juniors for a few years now and love it! I am going to a conference next week where there will be a lot of people on scooters and I always get asked where I got mine from. Do you have any cards or brochures for both sizes, average height and little people, that I can give out? I get a lot of attention at the airports too.

Sheri Wise

I just want to reinforce the value that your product, that wonderful TravelScoot is so valuable to many of us. I am able to shop, go to the shopping malls in town, take my granddaughter to the zoo and do many other activities that I have not been able to do for a number of years, do to you, Hardy. Thank you so much for TS.

Robert Miller

Just FYI....from a purchaser of Travelscoot....watching a TV show on TLC Little People Big World from Hillsboro Oregon....Matt the father in the family was on the show the other night and was riding around his pumpkin farm in a Travelscoot. What a fun thing to see...we love your product....

from a purchaser in Seattle WA

Hi, we purchased a "used" one from Stan ? that we met on the Seabourn Quest.. last fall... we drove down to Islamorada and picked it up.. I had inquired about it with you, just checking on it. Want you to know, I am sure you will be getting some new sales as a result of my "scooting around" at a very rapid speed, on board the QM2 this past Dec and Jan. It got to be known as Mrs. Milani's Lamborghini! Really! OK, back in the very very early 60's I was being trained to be the first female formula One I did get a kick out of the staff's comments! (and I still drive my Porsche as though it was a formula one! What has impressed me the most, lately, is your Web Site.. it has improved..and am so pleased you are now showing pricing.. As a backup battery, a "just in case", would you pls. advise which one would be the best?.. I don't use my scoot at home, only when traveling, but am concerned should we take a longer than usual 'walk about'.. that I might run out of juice. So. please advise.

Mrs. L J Milani

Hello again... I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me have an awesome family vacation on a carnival cruise line. You rushed the delivery for me and my travel scooter got here the night before we left on our cruise. You emailed me back so fast with all the information that I needed and answered every question of concern for me. I'm happy and proud to say that all the business cards you have given me have been given out to people who come up to me asking where did I buy this cool little scooter? And if I knew the website or phone number to your company? I said I can do better than that and handed them your business cards you gave me. This thing gets so much attention and I'm always asked how much did I pay for it.... So I hope I could bring you more business and help you grow. I only wish I had more business cards to give out cause I'm still being asked about info regarding this scooter. Anyways this scooter has made my life fun again and I I'm not sitting in my room all day with swollen joints and knees and ankles... I'm out with my family enjoying life. I know you must hear this a lot and your thanked by each customer... But the fact that I'm the oldest living severe Type A Hemophiliac and able to be mobile again and out in the world really makes my heart happy. I also told all my other Hemophiliac friends about this scooter and shared with them how amazing and powerful and light and fast this thing can go. Even demonstrating on my Facebook for them how it breaks down so easy and all fits in the duffle bag provided with purchase. I cannot thank you enough nor express my emotions of how my life has changed. My old scooters were too heavy for myself and my parents to lift and disassemble, and this scooter is a game changer, we hadn't any hope of ever being an active family anymore cause my folks couldn't physically do what was needed in order for me to go along or participate in family gatherings or functions. I missed out on a lot but not anymore and I'm starting off this new year with a huge smile and grateful I met you and your company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for me. It's emotional for me because this changed my life and I wasn't even expecting such an awesome mobility scooter and 2500$ is well worth it for your product. Forever grateful and proud to be an owner of a travel scooter.

Christopher Espinosa

Had my first shopping adventure with my Scoot yesterday. Needed to go to Walmart for some fleece for my ratties' cage. The fabric is all the way in the rear of the super Walmart. It's Christmas time. No Walmart scooters available, fershure. So, I pulled up into a handicapped space (for which I have the license), and lifted my Scoot out -- touch awkward because I'm not used to it -- clipped the battery plug in, sat down, and zoomed across the parking lot and into the store. (I was right -- not a scooter to be seen!) Good thing I had it because they'd moved the fabric department and I had to hunt for it. Got my fabric, then remembered a couple other things I needed. And, of course, since it was Christmas, nothing was where it should have been and I had to cruise up and down the aisles hunting for the items I wanted. My feet and knees would never have tolerated walking that far. Instead, I was in and out of the store in an hour, reloaded my Scoot and headed for home.

Marilyn Alm

borrowing President Reagan's famous quote and my recent trip to Germany I would scream out Hardy Travelscoot, tear down the 'walls' that kept us chair bound. 16 days running around Europe I really appreciate what Hardy invented. I used my TravelScoot to keep me moving. We were all over Berlin which is a great place. People kept stopping me at the Brandenburg Gate to talk. I gave away a lot of cards. The trains were an adventure but as always it worked out. We had scheduled the DB (Germany rail) to help us and they performed but we found the Czech Republic train people less than helpful. Luckily there are always people around willing to help. We rode rains for more than 12 hours total and it was a pleasure. Prague had a lot of cobblestone but you learn to pick the right side of it. While in Prague my nephew and niece and their baby Max took us on a several miles walk. When we got to Munich city Hardy met us at the train, along with his trailer that Yoly, my wife, rode on. We went all over Octoberfest in a way no one could imagine; we saw it all. We ended up eating at the Ox Restaurant a great meal. I should say that when we entered Octoberfest a young cop grabbed me but his cooler head boss slowed him up in German, apparently explaining it was not a recreational vehicle. Same thing happened at the Ox Restaurant; the security guy didn't want us there but Hardy prevailed and we found the handicapped section and had a great meal. The restaurant which is only up for 16 days of the year served beef hat they had raised for this event accompanied with warm potato salad. It was fantastic with a liter of the great beer. We made it all through the estimated 640 acres of booths, rides,etc.; all this with one battery though I had a backup. We then found a Mercedes class B Taxi (smaller) but the TS fit in it perfect. Next day I went to Escooters who now does the sales in Germany and decided "What the heck; I am here I should own a new TravelScoot again" so I traded in and got one with a headlight and taillight, tuned up by Hardy. It is like buying a Porsche and miraculously having Dr. Porsche tune it. As I posted British Air screwed up repeatedly, not delivering the scooter to the door and then taking 1.5 hours to deliver it in Phoenix. They even threw my wife out of the Lounge where they had sent us since it was their fault for not having a business class ticket like me. But we are now home and happy. My advice to all is get out and see the world. I am always glad to be home but in the back of my mind is always another trip. One more thing: someone asked about why I have had four TravelScoots. I am like th guy who trades cars every 2 years because the machine is a tool in their business. I can't afford NOT to have it. Next year when I am going to Warsaw Poland I'll give it another big test.

Dean Hughson - 450 lbs and among the many heaviest TravelScoot-users

Thank you so much for sending the canvas bag so quickly never before have I gotten such wonderful service for anything I have ever bought. Will recommend your company and service very strongly. Used the vehicle on a four hour walking tour of old Berlin and it held up beautifully on the cobblestone streets. Thanks again.

Mordechai zaslow

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you so very much for helping me with my deluxe power scooter that I ordered yesterday afternoon. I really appreciate that your going to make my scooter go 5mph and give me a powerful battery and to my height of 5-8 and weight of 211lbs. I'm so glad I chose your company because other scooter places tried to tell me that I needed their scooters and that they were of better quality, they never focused on just trying to give me service and asking my needs. You listened and returned my phone call within 7 minutes and answered my questions about a rush delivery before next Wednesday. The fact that I will receive it Monday is wonderful and I couldn't be more happier. I suffer from severe Type A Hemophilia and I'm the worst of my kind. When I bleed internally I need medicine to clot my blood or I can die..all my joints are in horrible condition due to the years of bleeding, I stay inside mostly But I am excited about going places now that I bought one of your amazing scooters. I can live life again so to speak. I told you before I have heard nothing but good things about your scooters and other owners told me that this scooter was lighter and easier to maneuver in tight places but yet has the power and capacity to add accessories from your company. So I chose your business with confidence... Thank you so soooooo very much for your time and for your service. You made the transaction so easy and I'm very grateful... Take care and God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.


We have had a TravelScoot for over 6 years and love it. It's been all over the world and makes trips possible for my wife, who has MS. By the way, we were in Vancouver two weeks and the belt broke. I had forgotten to bring a spare. We were about to get on a cruise ship the next day for a week. I called TravelScoot Canada and Brian was extraordinarily helpful. He found a courier to deliver belts and a tool kit to our hotel 90 miles away the next morning. I have nothing but the highest praise for his efforts to get this done when we were in such a pinch.

John Jacquemin

This TravelScoot has given me my life back. I can lift and load/unload the little guy all by myself and do all the walking things I've had to skip for years. God bless you and your brilliant mind. With thanks for actually making a useful machine. I named mine Olaf for out living and free.

Linda Jo Nelson

Thought you would like this photo of my husband and me at Iguazzu Falls. Tour company said we wouldn't be able to cope with it, so booked our own plane fares and hotel, took our two trusty TravelScoots, and voila! Some of the trails were marked wheelchair accessible, but of course we also had to take the ones that weren't. One that went to the bottom of the falls was a very steep drive out, got about half-way then pushed the scooters rest of the way, helped by some very lovely young Japanese girls. That is the beauty of the TravelScoot, being so light-weight. Later on in the trip, at Punta Arenas on the southern tip of South America took another trip that was supposed to be beyond us - over the frozen, lumpy tundra for 2 kilometres to see a penguin colony. There isn't much our TravelScoots can't do with a bit of persuasion and patience, due to its incredibly sturdy build. We are both around the 300 lb. so we really are asking a lot of them but we are back into mainstream life and when they eventually fail we wont hesitate to replace them. They are worth every penny. Thank you for helping us make the decision so many years ago.

Christine Torrance

My TravelScoot and trailer arrived Monday and I took it on its trial run yesterday. I am delighted with it and thank you so much for your excellent service and help. We think it is absolutely fantastic and with the two seat trailer quite unique. I would like to make use of the complimentary lighting system you offer please. The trial run was only two miles on very quiet rural roads, but already three people were extremely interested and asked where I got it. We spend much of our time at our home in France and much at our home in England. We go on sea cruises, going by sea to NY next month , Then to England for Xmas, Scotland for the New Year then two months in Malta in Feb and March. No doubt there will be many enquiries about TravelScoot from so many different countries. In Malta we stay in a very large hotel complex at a time of the year when most of the residents are pensioners. 2000 approximately. Thank you once again.

Leonard Joyce

The TravelScoot arrived early on Monday morning. What a brilliant service. It was very easy to put together and because the battery was partly charged, mum was able to use it on Monday afternoon. Mum is thrilled with it and in 2 days she has seen more than she has been able to see in years. For me it is just as I imagined it would be, allowing Mum to become more mobile and I can lift it easily. Thank you for all your help, your brilliant service and a brilliant TravelScoot. We are happy to show it to anyone in our area should any one like to see one. With many thanks.

Elaine Allen

Hello and thank you for your wonderful product! I have the deluxe version and I am very pleased! Now I am able to enjoy life again and I am very thankful. In the past month or two that I have owned it, it has taken me many places, including Disneyland, Balboa, Huntington Beach, Claremont, Beverly Hills, Fashion Island, etc. I am excited to take it to the LA County Fair in September. Literally, every time that I use it, I am stopped by at least one person (sometimes several) asking about it.In the past month or two that I have owned it, it has taken me many places, including Disneyland, Balboa, Huntington Beach, Claremont, Beverly Hills, Fashion Island, etc. I am excited to take it to the LA County Fair in September. Literally, every time that I use it, I am stopped by at least one person (sometimes several) asking about it. If you could send business cards that would be helpful, too. Right now, I have people snap a picture of the battery so they have the product name. Thank you,

Mitch de Faria, Southern California

I'm back in the U.S. and I have my old TravelScoot with me (the one without the speed limiter and which appears to be more powerful). I can't thank you enough for bringing this to the market. It's wonderful for traveling back and forth between the U.S., Europe and Asia and I have had several people comment on how mobile and agile I appear to be with the assistance of my TravelScoot. My MS may be getting worse as the years roll by, but I don't feel I'm impeded in any way with the aid of my TravelScoot! Thanks

Michael Gormley

It is more than 2 years since I purchased my Travelscoot and in that time I have used it more and more! It has given me a new life! I can't THANK YOU enough for inventing the little machine! I took it on holiday to Mauritius this year (my first holiday in 12 years!) and I couldn't have managed the holiday without my WONDERFUL Travelscoot. No one in Mauritius had seen anything like it and were very curious! All the hotel staff ended up having an exploratory ride :-) HUGE thanks

Mitch de Faria

Hello! I recently purchased a used travel scoot and I could not be any more pleased! (It was only used for a couple of months). I took it to Fashion Island in Newport Beach and to Disneyland and it did great. After a full day at Disneyland, my battery is still fully charged! I wanted to thank you for the amazing product and ask for business cards. I was stopped by several people yesterday asking about the scooter, and as a former business owner and teacher, I would love to help get a travel scoot to many others who can benefit from it.

Danielle Baca

Thank you my TravelScoot is the best thing I have ever bought. I went to Las Vegas and my TravelScoot was so easy to use , had no problem with the airlines and the hotel. I could get around with no problems and everyone wanted to know where I bought it. The Best

Marilyn Moleins

The wife and I just have to send you all a few lines to say, since receiving our "TravelScoot's" our world has changed, they are absolutely fabulous, brilliant and any other word's of praise. They do what they say and much more. We were away in our RV in the New Forest and we could use them on the grass paths through the woods "excellent". In the past we have spent Thousand's of Pounds on different types of Powered Scoooters/Chairs none of them come close to "TravelScoot" if only we had bought them ages ago life would have been a lot easier. Many thanks again

Ray & Liz Stratford

What a joy it was to be able to “scoot” through the vineyards of Alsace. The paths start at the entrance to our campsite in Ribeauvillé and for more than thirty years we cycled happily there each year. It was absolutely marvelous to be able to almost repeat the experience on our scooters - the wind on one’s face, the warmth of the sun, the sound of birdsong - and being able to ride up to town for the Saturday market for fresh fruit and vegetables. I don’t think that anyone would deny that good legs are best, but when they are no longer adequate your scooters enable us to retain our love of outdoor movement and we cannot thank you enough. With all good wishes and Best regards,


Just wanted to let you know I recieved the TravelScoot in 6 days! I had made a last minute decision to purchase before renting another EVC; thank you for your fast response! It was easy to put together and the only request I have is: a picture by picture quick instruction sheet would have been helpful; esp. with the extra parts. I'm a visual kinda person. The following day I took it for a test run at the mall, I had a big smile the whole time... The second day was the start of my big trip; San Diego Comic-Con!!! The crowds, the limited parking, even the venue itself is challenging... We had to park far but it was no problem, all the trolley and train crossings did was test my insides*[]==[] exercise. I had a great time, did everything I was interested in and attended all the panels on my list! You have given me an active life again!! I gave out 8 cards to people very interested in purchasing for themselves. Not only did I get compliments from bystanders the staff liked the scoot, too. Thank you, best purchased I ever made...

Christine Chan

My TravelScoot has returned from a trip to Rome, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Livorno, St. Tropez, Monaco, and Barcelona. Three weeks! Battery never ran out. It was easy to put in the back of most cabs, with the steering column shortened, but we almost never had to collapse the whole scooter. It was so lightweight my husband could carry it up 22 steps while I climbed them on my own...We had a really good experience. I have been pleased how well the TravelScoot worked out for us. I added a small Wonder Woman decal on each side of the scooter at the wheel. Not many people have noticed, but I have enjoyed knowing they were there. If I can find it, I'll send you a picture of the scooter parked among bicycles in St. Tropez. Thanks!

Marjorie Mahler

I have always been good with words, and as immodest as this may sound, when it came to describing my experience with a travel scooter I found myself struggling to find words to adequately express the my feelings and emotions. We have been lucky enough to travel in Europe a few times in recent years but my walking has become more challenging and limited each time. I simply cannot tell you just how liberating it is to be able to think, yes I can just go down to the end of that street and take a look or go to a market, explore ancient towns in Europe or go for miles discovering alone with the absolute freedom a person without mobility constraints. You see its the little things which count, being able and free and just to be able to have fun without the ever present anxiety of going just that little bit too far and struggling to get back. Being able to stay with my partner is also so important and makes travelling much more companionable for both or us and our friends. We live in Tasmania, Australia and carried it with us all the way to Italy and then Spain. At no stage did it run out of power and if I planned a long excursion I simply took my charger with me. So thank you so much, I know its a cliché but this has really changed my life! kindest regards


I absolutely can't praise the scooter enough. We have been all over the world with it and I am always detained by people wanting to know all about the scooter. I see you have changed them quite alot and for the better. I am trying to get my husband to buy one. hank you and have a great, safe holiday.

Billie McAdams

My old TravelScoot is still on its first belt and has survived many cruises and airplane trips. I like the idea of reverse and better brakes. Many people have asked about the TravelScoot on my travels.....we are now seeing many more out there. I weigh 250 pounds and this scooter has saved me from being a stay-at-home person.

Donna Nichols

We purchased our TravelScoot in March 2012. We have traveled the world and have thanked God and Mr Huber for the gift of mobility.

William J Portalla, Epping, New Hampshire

Thank you for the professional way that you dealt with my purchase and delivery of the TravelScoot. I am over the moon with it and wish I had obtained one years ago. Thank you once again and all success for the future. Regards

Colin Mellor

I have just returned from a cruise that took me to China, S. Korea, and Japan. I couldn't have done it without my TravelScoot. The reaction of the people I saw, especially in China was nothing short of amazing. For example, we used the same guide each day for our four day pre-cruise in Beijing. Andy became quite familiar with the TravelScoot and how it works. China is a country of mopeds and motorcycles, so I was shocked when I came out of a souvenir store to find Andy and my scooter surrounded by about twenty Chinese people. He had told them all about it. When he said how much it weighs, you could see the doubt in the men's faces. They took turns picking it up and smiling when they saw he was right. Mike and I just stood back and watched the expressions. It was hilarious. Of course we took pictures. Then I got on the scooter and demonstrated it for them. They were thrilled and clapped and gave me a thumbs up. It was that way everywhere I went. When we visited the Forbidden City, I wasn't sure if I would be able to go very far into the complex as I had read that the handicap facilities were limited. The main courtyard is made of extremely uneven bricks. It was a bumpy ride, but my TravelScoot did it! We have pictures of me on my scoot in so many places that I thought I would never be able to go. I even got up to the Great Wall. I didn't try to go up on it because it was extremely cold, but I could have if I had wanted to! In a couple of weeks, you'll be able to read about my adventures and see TravelScoot pictures in our review at Next up for my scoot is Germany and the Swiss Alps! In 2016 my scoot and I are heading to Iceland and Ireland. Thanks TravelScoot, I couldn't do it without you!!!! Visit our Cruise/Vacation Review website at

Carol Preisman

I purchased a TravelScoot last fall and absolutely love it. I cannot imagine going back to my life without it. I have scooted around the souks of Casablanca, explored cobblestone byways in the Canary Islands, Mallorca and throughout Spain, and have navigated through airports and convention centers (I am a conference planner) with ease. I'm completely in love with my TravelScoot. Recently, I have begun testing it on on-road trails in state and national parks. It does reasonably well, but I am wondering if you have ever designed a more rugged wheel and motor for more challenging terrain. If not, would the company be interested in working with me to create such a version? For the first time in several years, I am able to participate in excursions with friends and family and I'm ready to try more. I've passed out several of your business cards to people who stop me in airports almost routinely to ask about my "ride." Thanks for offering such a cool product.

Lisa Brandes

WhoooHoooo! All you need to do to sell more Travelscoots is send an old lady into Target with a pocketful of cards and a willingness to chat the features ... one last week, two more today. One woman said: "My son in law has been so depressed; he has his daughter's games to attend and can't always hitch up the trailer - this will save him."I love pimping this ride!! Happy New Year!


I was at a local Walmart, here in Cleveland, Ohio and saw a gentleman riding a small motorized scooter around. I asked him if he could stop, which he did, and he explained the scooter with enthusiasm and excellent knowledge from stem to stern. I never caught his name but wow - you sure could have used him as a PR representative. I await your response and I'm so hoping that it will be a positive one. Thank you


I purchased a deluxe Travelscoot in February 2014. I absolutely love it. I'm an amputee (right bka), and I previously broke my left foot pretty badly, so walking long distances is hard for me. My Travelscoot has been a tremendous asset to me personally and professionally. I appreciate it so much that I made sure that my prosthetist, the physician who runs the in-patient rehab where I was a patient, and my outpatient physical therapist all know about it and can recommend it to their patients when appropriate. I've even made mine available for test drives. If I can help anyone else find the benefit I've gotten from my scooter, I'm happy to do it. Best regards

Ann Griffin, St. Clair Shores, MI

The TravelScoot is my independence since the multiple sclerosis has progressed. It is fun (chose the jogging speed adjustment), light and easy vehicle load and unload and presents for a great conversation interaction. Would you please send more business cards in which I can give to interested people? The orginal pack of cards is gone. Thank you for a wonderful product!


I purchased a Travel Scoot Mobility Scooter about 4 1/2 years ago, for my wife who has mobility problems. It is totally light weight, and we have used it on our many travels, as the unit fits easily in the rear section of my SUV Vehicles, both here in Santa Monica, California, and my other smaller SUV in Florida. We have had absolutely had NO problems, as when we scoot thru the airport terminals, or use it while traveling on a cruise ship. It saves her a lot of walking. We even went up to a volcano lookout in Hawaii.

Robert V. Allison

Just wanted you to know I recieved my Deluxe scooter and had no problem with it's assembly. It might take me a little while to learn how to work it well, but I am already very happy about this purchase. I also wanted to thank the lady I spoke to on the phone when ordering it. She was not only informative, but was exceptionally patient and professional. I always felt like she had my interests in mind. Thanks to all that were involved in my order.

Mark V. Edwards, Dahlonega, GA

Thank you for answering so quickly. Your scooter amazes many people. In Belgium I made you sell 5 scooters, to friends and a passerby. My wife does not feel as a disabled person. She is free to go where she wants without the help of anyone. With kind regards

Jean-Jacques Steigrad

I just wanted to let you know I love my TravelScoot. I bought it when I went to England and Sweden a couple of years ago. I was great. The lithium ion battery makes This scooter one of a kind. I could be a salesman for you as I have had so many people ask me where I got it and when I mention it is only 35 lbs with battery people want to know where I got it {even in England ). What a great Scooter.

Kent Stromberg

I bought my travel scoot in November and can't tell you how much I enjoy the freedom it brings! I am constantly asked about it and I give the business cards to many, I have even had a few strangers who have seen us when we have been out come to our home for a test drive! I don't know how many have bought. Anyhow, I have for the second time run out of business cards. Please will you send me a few more packs? Many thanks,

Julie Holland

I already use the TravelScoot almost 5 years with full satisfaction. Now I am thinking of purchasing the new TravelScoot. Because my right hand is not very suitable I have the question if it is possible to place the throttle on the left side. I thank you in advance. Kind regards,

Mario Lobensteijn

Bonnie, just want to let you know I LOVE MY SCOOTER! Took it for a run in my development, and everyone I saw also fell in love with it Thanks again for all you help.


I would just like to thank you for my TravelScoot which I received from you a few weeks ago, I can't begin to explain how much I am enjoying my new found freedom with my wonderful scooter, I am now able to walk my dog every day & am quite an expert at driving it as it is so easy to manoeuvre. My husband says he has never seen me smile so much when we are out & about, I am so looking forward to taking it on holiday abroad & it will make life so much easier at the airport. I have only had my Travelscoot for a few weeks & it has already changed my life & given me so much more confidence. It is so nice to be able to go on long journeys & not be in great pain. It is wonderful & I would recommend it to anyone who asks, & the delivery &customer service is second to none. I can't thank you enough, & am looking forward to many years of use. Best wishes.

Mrs Cheryl Marks

Nice to meet you and I think you'd be an amazing resource for the travel scoot as this would clearly fit in with your business here in London. Just sending you the information on the "travel scoot". I've had it less than a month but it's been invaluable and has been great in every way. he Victoria and Albert museum was also interested in using them and the reaction here in London has been amazing. I am asked by at least 6 people a day who like me, can walk a bit but for long distances this is a great assistance. I've given the website out at least 3 times a day and many people have taken pictures of it. It's a big interest. This is my first international trip and it's fantastic, from sidewalks to slate walks to roads and bridges, it does it all. Very easy to use on the boats and cabs and when needed, can be carried up steps pretty easily. I've cc'd the contact in the states for your info as well the information. They have always been very responsive and helpful. I'm almost ready to get a second one. Best regards,

Ed Lent

I recently received the new Travelscoot version 2, having owned and loved the first model for a number of years. It has given me excellent service and travelled around the world with me on cruise ships and aircraft. However, the old model did not have reverse gear, which is a problem on cruise ships as inveriably I am surrounded by other passengers when I enter a lift. Therefore, when trying to exit at the deck I want, I had to use my feet to slowly edge awkwardly backwards. The new model is just as strong and atractive as the old one, however, it now has a reverse gear and much, much better band brakes. No more will I anxiously travel down a steep gangway, hoping that my feet will stop me from hurtling on to the dock below. These new brakes stop the wheels dead in their tracks. The new internal motor is now concealed inside the rear left wheel and it seems to have much better torque than the old belt driven one. Whilst the overall speed is slower and now governed, I no longer have to take a run up a hill, as the extra torque powers me up at a controlled pace. New, sleeker hand controls and switches complete what I now call the "Travelscoot Evolve" I look forward to my first cruise using my new baby and feel sure that it will revolutionise my life just as much as the old model did. Well done Hardy, may the force be with you my friend,

Paul H. Simmons, CEO World Cruise Travel Club

I am an extremely satisfied owner of a TravelScoot. Like most owners (I am sure), I am often asked about it by strangers, and always offer them one of your business cards with the result that I am now down to a single card. Please send me some more cards; it gives me great pleasure to sing your product's praises. Kind regards,

Robert Stanton, Seattle, WA

I recently was able to try out a friend's TravelScoot and LOVED IT! I have MS and this would be great for outside travel. I just recently sent in information to the National MS Society in Raleigh, NC seeking financial assistance in getting one of these scooter. I like it because it's easy for me to fold up and put in my car and easy for me to assemble ( if I'm alone). Thanks in advance. You have NO IDEA how much a blessing this would be to me! Thanks again,

Adrienne M. Gilmore

For many who need them, power scooters might be provided free from the VA or paid for by Medicare. That seems like a great mobility solution, but not if you have to buy large SUVs or vans to transport them! I've found that the money needed to purchase a TravelScoot is more than made up by not having to purchase any particular car. With TravelScoot, we're free to travel in any size vehicle, including the smallest hybrids. We can even use our little two-seater Porsche, carrying the TravelScoot on the luggage rack. It often makes better sense, even if another power scooter might be provided by the VA or Medicare, to save money by investing in a TravelScoot and not have to keep buying cars to fit the scooter. It only took one recent trip to Phoenix and getting stranded without accessible public transportation to finally convince me of the TravelScoot's utility. Accessible cabs were available, but required a 24-hour advance reservation. Hotel shuttles couldn't fit my larger scooter at all, and friends had to rescue me with their SUVs. All because I was stuck with a nice, but huge, traditional scooter. It was free, but not free enough! We've learned that we often can't even find rental vehicles large enough for a regular scooter when we take trips, but the TravelScoot is perfect for any car we care to rent, or for any friend's car as well. We've learned that we often can't even find rental vehicles large enough for a regular scooter when we take trips, but the TravelScoot is perfect for any car we care to rent, or for any friend's car as well. It is far, far better economy to buy a scooter to fit your car, rather than a car to fit your scooter. A "free" scooter certainly isn't free when you're forced to buy a car big enough for it, which is why the TravelScoot is a real money-saver.

Wes Carter

My Travelscoot is fantastic.Everyone everywhere I go wants to know about it.Would you send me some more cards please?

Victor Bailey Chelsea MA

Took my TravelScoot to the mall yesterday and it was fantastic. I was able to go anywhere and do anything a regular shopper would do and not get exhausted due to the struggle I have walking long distances due to MS. It was so easy from my car to the stores to bathrooms and elevators. What would be exhausting is now easy and enjoyable. Can't wait to take it to the museums in the UK next week. I've decided to pack it and ship it and use the wheel chair for the journey part of the airport because I don't want the handlers to be careless with it. Anyway. Very exciting. It's fantastic. I'm already thinking of buying another one!

Ed Lent

My husband, who very grudgingly bought the deluxe scooter (because I was very insistent and kept bugging him about it) absolutely loves it! It has changed things for us. We can now spend hours at Disneyland with our toddler granddaughter (the battery lasts all day, by the way) and go to other places we avoided because of the pain he had with walking. Everywhere we go with it people are intrigued and fascinated by his "electric tricycle" to the point that they end up taking photos of the label so they can look it up. (He keeps forgetting to take the business cards with him, but we are going to need more anyway). TravelScoot.Funny story: Our toddler granddaughter, when first introduced to the scooter at Disneyland, insisted on riding on her grandpa's knee and "driving" it herself, making "vroom vroom noises", totally cracking people up.

Deborah Koreneff

I thought you may be interested I had my first outing on the TravelScoot to antique fair at the Yorkshire show ground. I met Minna Ireland who was using her TravelScoot. She had had hers for about 2 years. We had tea together and she told me about her experience with her TravelScoot. I was every impressed with its performance and very glad I got it. I would not have been able to get round the fair without it I also gave about 4 of your cards to people asking about it and I was told that Minna gave 3 out. So you may get more sales from England. I am so pleased. I may ask you for more cards in the future. Thank you for your help and sending it so fast. Thanks again

Robert Griffiths

I resently purchased the shopping travel scooter from you. I LOVE it. I can not stand very long without fainting. This little scooter is perfect for me. I took it on a Women of Joy Conference with my church and then to Dollywood in Tennessee. I could not have gone on this women's trip without the scooter because of my disablitily of standing. Everywhere I went people were stopping me asking me where I got the scooter. I told them all about how it worked and even showed them how easy it was to fold . I really do Thank you for making this scooter available to the public. I have several people I know that wants one. Do you have any type of Distributor program?? I could sell lots of these scooters. Even if you don't I still Thank you for giving me back some of my independence.

Roma Cater

Buying the TravelScoot was one of the best decisions of my life. It has given me independence both at home and abroad - so far it has helped me get around in Krakow (Poland), Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Casablanca, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur ... next stop India! Some were easier than others - travelling on the District Line in London is not to be recommended (no lifts and a lot of steps!) Can you help me with a couple of queries: How long should I expect the Li-Ion battery to last, bearing in mind that mine is now five years old? Should I think about ordering a second, either as a replacement or a back-up? The same goes for the motor - how many years before replacement? I find that it sometimes cuts out for a few seconds, which could be dangerous if I was halfway across a road at a green light. Is there is any way I can put this right? My carrying bag for the TravelScoot is beginning to wear thin in places. How much is the cost of a replacement? TravelScoot. Kind regards,

Charles Peile

I was recently diagnosed with a condition known as Pulmonary Hypertension. This condition impaires my ability to stand or walk long distances without being totally winded. When first diagnosed I began looking for a mobility scooter that I was able to get in and out of my two door Audi so that I would be able to return to work. fter doing some research I found this product to be the "smartest" concept available for my use. Since we first purchased in December I have taken almost everywhere. We had purchased with the better battery and it seems like it can run forever. I have been through, airports, malls, themeparks and cruises all with the Travel Scoot and not a time goes by that someone does not stop me and ask me about the product and how they have a family member or themselves have a mobility problem. I encourage all to take a picture of the battery with the phone number. I believe strongly in this product and would like to see it covered by Insurance so those less fortunate can regain their mobility. What can we as product owners do to help make it a reality for all?


Thank you for returning to me my Travelscoot with the new battery and controller. Since receiving the Travelscoot I have tested it fairly extensively and it is performing as well as it originally did.. Therefore, from a performance point of view I am delighted with the way it is presently running. I would also like to thank you personally for the way you have dealt with my concern regarding the performance of the Travelscoot, and how efficiently you have arranged to collect, repair and return my TravelScoot. ince the return of my Travelscoot I have used it each day, and recharged the battery, which is now showing 29.2 volts instead of the previous battery showing 26 volts. I would like to thank you enormously for the way you have dealt with the matter. My Travelscoot is my ‘lifeline’ and without it my movements are very restricted. Thank you so much, Best wishes,


First of all, thank you very much Bonnie for going out of your way to get my Travelscoot out of the door so quickly! I received it last Monday. Since then, I've used it Monday evening for my grandson's ball game and traveled by air with it on Wednesday, rode it across the International Bridge into Mexico on Friday to shop and traveled home by air with it yesterday. I love it! It is so easy to handle and did everything I expected and MORE! I am a lot more confident with it now since it's so easy to ride and it rides easily down the airline jetway, navigated the crowded and uneven sidewalks in Mexico with ease, and even UP the steep jetway with a little pushing from the very nice airline staff. Like others, I had folks inquire about it including a TSA staffer who is interested for his wife. Thanks for your patient and immediate help too! I am a very satisfied customer!

Carole Horn

I called several times and discussed your scooter with Tony before choosing to buy. What a wonderful decision! I have taken my TravelScoot to France and back and all around this country. It has done every thing I have asked of it: cobblestones, inclines, crowded spaces,etc. It has plenty of power and the battery lasts way longer than I would have anticipated. The maneuverability is amazing. It folds up and unfolds with ease. It makes airports a breeze. I could not have done these trips without my TravelScoot. It keeps me independent. I have ALS, and so I am anticipating a much further decline in my physical abilities. Meanwhile, I am planning lots of trips and living my life while I still can. I will go on a Mediterranean cruise with my sisters next month, and then on to SanFrancisco with my husband. I do not need to burden my travel companions with the hassle and physical exertion of pushing me in a wheelchair. Many people stopped me and inquired about my TravelScoot. I hope you hear from them. I praised it highly. I have lots more photos if any would be of interest to you. Thanks for such a great product!

Madeline Kennedy

Love my scoot and so does erveryone who sees it.. When I received the Scoot I received a few busines cards that I propletly gave out. Well I get so many inquires that I would like to have some more cards…that would be great You cand send them to Sag Harbor,NY. Thank you for the cards and the wonderful TravelScoot,

George Proferes

My Travelscoot was shipped to me from your original location in the USA and has done stirling work for me for over three years. I have taken it with me all over the world, including Japan, Taiwan, China, Papai New Guinea, Australia, South America and even Alaska. It has never let me down, even though my weight causes it to “creek” somewhat. Being such a novel form of transport for the disabled, I have attracted much attention and enquiries to where it was bought. On cruise ships I have so many admirers that I created business card sized cards with your contact information on. I have no idea how many people went on to buy a Travelscoot from you, except one whom I am cruising again with next month. No doubt we will race each other on the dock!!! Best wishes

Paul Simmons, Ramsey, Harwich, Essex UK

I have to tell you just how much I love my new TravelScoot. I have rigorously tested it from bumpy dry grass, to gravel alleys, to down a steep hill (kinda scary there), but no trouble stopping at the bottom and back up the same hill and this was on a battery that had at least 4.5 miles and about 2 or more hours on it. It did go to yellow at the very top of the hill, but bounced back to green on a more level surface. It keeps my dog at a fast trot and he is a little taller than your dog Nick. It is comfortable to ride and fits me just right. The only complaint I have, it is so plain, I need to figure out how to pimp my ride up a bit. Love it anyway.

Sharon Schwarz

Yesterday was the Big Day, my first outing to trial my Travelscoot. I was a little apprehensive, never having used a scooter before, but I needn't have worried. What an absolute joy "Scooty" was to "drive", even on the rough surface of the parking area at the 'shore, where I was doing my trial. I was practicing turns, and even on the slope Scooty handled it all so well. In fact a car stopped beside me and the driver asked about Scooty as he was very unhappy with his scooter. We then had a dismantling display, done by my husband, and a lifting try out by the wife of the gentleman who had stopped to enquire. Thank you, for such great customer service, and for making so many people's lives all the richer, by being able to get out and about amongst people again. I don't want to ever be without my new best friend, my Travelscoot. Best wishes.


The scooter was purchased from you about 4 years ago. My husband reciently passed away so I have given the scooter to my dad. I will probably be placing orders once in a while as he decides he needs something. My dad is 92 years young and has taken to the scooter like a duck to water. He is really enjoying his new mobility. We should have purchased one for him years ago. Thank you again,

Dianne Hendricks

My mother has had one of your TravelScoots for years and its the best invetion in the whole world! Everywhere we go someone wants to know where she got it and all about it. I'll bet she has sold so many from just the cruises we are on she has sent you lots of people. I tease heer that you should put her on commission.

Linda Baldwin

Thank you thank you thank you! I love the Travelscoot --- it is so much fun and has eliminated moving around in pain. I am so happy with my TravelScoot! My life, my mental health, my happiness has improved so much from this purchase. I have spent thousands of dollars on all types of products, shots and medication for pain, but this beautiful machine has literally saved my life! A little dramatic I know but you have no idea how miserably depressed I was. Thank you again and again.

Synthia LaCour

I made it to Europe and back and the Scoot was great. Even on the cobblestone roads in Italy! Charging was no issue either. Thanks again for a lifesaver!

Helen Toth

My short answer to the question "Does the TravelScoot REALLY work on ship?" is a resounding YES! I have owned mine for about a year and a half and have taken it on two cruises, the next is in 4 weeks! I have had no problems whatsoever. Before I purchased it, I too had read there were problems with inclines. Those concerns have however, for me, borne no fruit. In airports, the ONLY time I had some difficulty getting up the ramp to the terminal, I had forgotten to take off the parking brake!!! It still made it up the incline despite that impediment. I weigh 205 lbs., so I'm not a small person either, and It had handled everything I've asked of it with ease. This includes transporting me, my carry-on and my husband's carry-on through airports. Our car is a Toyota Camry Hybrid and it fits, when folded, either in the trunk or in the back on the floor or the seat. I have MS and arthritis, but have had no difficulty transporting it. As the folded weight does not include the battery, the seat, seat back and seat support (yoke?), I don't find it heavy at all. Much has been said about the lack of a reverse on the scoot. When I need to back up, usually only out of an elevator, I use both my feet firmly flat on the ground and push back both at the same time! It seems to take less strength and dexterity, which are in short supply for me. If you think you'll have trouble getting on/off the TravelScoot, I have loosened the clamp under the seat and rotated the seat to the side, sat down, and then rotated myself with the seat to face forward, and re-clamped it to the yoke. The clamp is just a lever so it isn't difficult. I learned this tip from Katisdale! Nomadguy said: "Note: my right hand got tired from continually turning it forward to keep the throttle at the same speed". I too have problems with my right hand (tendonitis) and solved that problem completely with a cool little $10 motorcycle accessory (who would've thought) called a Crampbuster, which is a hand pedal for the throttle. There is a blog which is just chock full of great information: Start at February 2009 as she is learning all the tips and tricks of TravelScoot ownership.


The scooter arrived this afternoon and Diane is absolutely delighted with it and looks forward to many years of usage, particularly when go our Caribbean cruise in November, we will promote the travelscoot whenever we can. In the meantime thanks for all your help. With best regards.

Diane & Ian

I bought my TravelScoot in August 2011. Since then, Hannah Belle and I have crossed the Alps (hence her name), toured Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Sydney, Australia, Arizona, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We're leaving in two weeks for England and Scotland. To say that I am happy with my scooter would be a huge understatement! This scooter has made the continuation of my travel addiction possible. I have found that I do have to spend a lot of time telling people about TravelScoot and how they can get one of these marvelous scooters. I wondered why you sent a bunch of your cards when I bought Hannah Belle; now I know. I've handed out all of those cards, and I'd love for you to send me some more cards to hand out as I tour England! Thanks again for a terrific product!

Elise Lewis

I purchased a TravelScoot from you just before Christmas last. Firstly I must say how thrilled I have been with it. I orderted it on a monday and it arrived even with Christmas delays on the Thursday. It has made so much difference to my life bring able to get out and about around shops ect which I cannot do on my other scooter (an all terrain Tramper) which is incredible for cross country but not suitable for shops etc but between the two scooters I really feel that there is nowhere I cant go! Less than a month after my TravelScoot arrived I suffered a major sroke. Already having the Travelscoot I was able to return to normal as soon as I was released from hospital. In fact I was even using the Scoot in hospital. My consultant was so impressed with it he is considering buying one for himself!! Yours in grateful anticipation.

Jan Setford-Thompson, Crawley, England

AMAZING! This thing is a freakin' miracle of engineering and manufacturing! It's so much easier to maneuver than I expected and takes ramps/reasonable inclines so easily. It's given me access to the park surrounding our house that overlooks the ocean - it's an old Nike base and has paved roads I've never been able to enjoy before, and I'm looking forward to getting to and from work in ease, with relative speed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's GENIUS.

Melanie Reitzel

Hello nice folks, just wanted you to know my scooter arrived on time today. Everything arrived in fine shape with zero shipping damage. I have charged it up and am carefully exploring my fantastic new mobility. Everyone in the office has had a demo Ride and given it a unanimous thumbs up. What a "Wow" factor! Thanks for this fine product and your excellent job of getting it to me exactly as promised. I will check back in with you after a few hundred miles with a user report.

Terry Furnell

I bought my Travelscoot in 2009 and toured England with it and numerous places, in the U.S. It took me places I could never have seen without it. With it I could keep up with my tour groups. I am happy to see this product is still for sale.

Kathryn Cutting

Hi, Just wanted to write you and tell you, thank you for this wonderful scooter! I bought mine through "Scootanywhere" . I just returned from an 8 day cruise, and my scooter was a life saver. I have MS, and have an unsteady gait. There is no way I would have been able to walk the length of the ship, or go on the shore excursions without it! We shopped the whole town of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, with all its steep hills and cobble stone streets for about 4 hours, and my battery never got off "green"! I was a little concerned about going through the airports and traveling on planes, but did not encounter a single problem. On the cruise ship, I did not have a handicapped accessible room, yet, we still had plenty of room and was able to get the scoot through the door. Also, before this trip, I took the scooter to the zoo for the day, the battery never got off green at that time either. I have a Toyota Prius, and have plenty of room to store the scooter in the back. nce again, thank you!

Christine Bogatitus

I've had the scooter now more than 3 years. Last year alone I traveled on Delta Airlines more than 60 times. The scooter was the only way I could continue to do my job effectively and travel as much as I did. I rode right down the jetway, took the battery in the plane with me, and the ramp agents took the scooter down to the cargo hold. Upon arrival the scooter was almost always there on the jetway by the time I exited the plane. It's taken a beating, more so than most, due to the extensive travel, but it has and continues to serve me well!

Roy Pollack, Stay Safe Enterprises LLC

We really like the scooter and constantly get inquiries about it. You sent us some cards but we have handed all of them out already. If you want to send more to our home address, I'm sure we will continue to distribute them for you. It has made my wife's life much better for her as she is able to get everywhere that she could before her knees bailed on her.

Gerry Wallace

SUCCESS! Just took it for a test ride. Quite an amazing scooter for sure. Mom is going to be thrilled when she sees it - I plan on giving it to her in May - Mothers Day present. That is if I can wait that long. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to GREATLY enhance life for her. I have a list of things we will be able to do again that we could not with the manual wheelchair. THANK YOU!!!!!

Kathleen McVeigh

I love my TravelScoot. It has given me my mobility back. A few weeks ago I was able to go to the zoo with my 5 year old granddaughter and her kindergarten class. I went to the local (huge) mall and do window shopping for the first time in 15 years! But, I have run out of your business cards, as people keep asking for information about the Scooter. Could you please send me more cards?

Bob Miller, Tucson, Az.

Comments on my new scooter, after a week of use! We HAD to seek out an alternative to the "lite" Pride Go-Go, as my exterior "lite" lift was tearing up the car's suspension after several years of use. Unlike the traveling crowd, my main use is working daily in a gluten-free grocery shop. The room to maneuver my old Go-Go (now retired for gardening at home!) was very tight...this zips around with room to spare! The errands I need to run are quick and easy, even the cobblestones, brickwork, ramps and small hills on some paths are handled with no issues. With joint problems and using crutches to stand, I worried about being able to fold and lift the scooter and battery into the cargo area of our PT Cruiser...again, no problems there. Our cargo area has a shelf to hide contents, so leaving the scooter unfolded won't work. But I know I can leave the scooter in the car, safely hidden, for every trip...without spending several minutes every time loading the old exterior lift! The only thing I miss about the Go-Go is that it could be operated from either handle. It is tough trying to open door handles on the right, when the speed control is also on the right...especially when carrying products in & out of the stockroom! I do also have to be careful about not locking the red battery attachment 100% of the way in the lock is impossible to undo with any level of arthritis. Our shop is in a community full of college students and retirees alike. I get stopped constantly by both age groups asking what I'm riding and where to get one! Perhaps we should add TravelScoots to our market's product offerings_G_!

Liza Sauls

I received my TravelScoot a few weeks ago and it's working great. The lithium ion battery really holds a charge. Overall, I'm very happy with the design, operation and portability of the product. I have been able to easily adapt to not having a "reverse" gear Your product is hands down the best use I've seen and owned. I use my TS whenever I have long distances to walk and areas to navigate through and have done so without incident. Many people have commented on it and happy to report that I ran out of the cards you sent along with my purchase and have taken to giving people your website info. Thanks for designing a great scooter! All the best to you and your staff!

Bob Bush

In July 2010 I went on a trip of a lifetime to Hong Kong, Australia, where we travelled from Sydney up to Brisbane then to Singapore before returning home to the UK. We were away for 3 weeks. This of course involved my TravelScoot and I. The day before we flew out of Brisbane we visited Steve Irwins Zoo ëThe Crocodile Hunterí and to my delight I came across a gentleman on a TravelScoot. He lived on Phillip Island on the South / South East of Australia. So excited we had a photo together. I have attached this for you. Best wishes


I doubt that you often receive responses to your product within the first 8 hours of receipt, but here's one. It's a life changer. Instead of shuffling along on aching legs staring at the ground, I zipped about today in great comfort, looking at people, buildings, trees, everything like I'd never seen it all before, which, for the past few years, is probably true. I was in and out of stores, galleries and a restaurant with my small dog in the caddy, none of which I'd visited for years. While supervising some construction work I'm having done I sat in comfort instead of standing for two hours with my attention consumed by lower leg and back pain. Finally, at age 80, I'm having as much fun as I ever had, at a younger age, on Harleys and Hondas. Or in my aerobatic biplane. I have long been thinking about the vast market for a device to fill the large gap between the human legs and a wheelchair. I hope to never be resigned to the latter, but I'm delighted with the TravelScoot. (Well, maybe not so much the NAME. How about a model with a more manly moniker, like Travel Hog or Travel Chief? Travel Marauder? Travel Rocket? Travel Avenger? Chick Magnet?) A very happy customer

Thomas E. Josiah Brown

I received by TravelScoot yesterday and I am very happy with it in my early try out, and the quality of the entire machine is superior to my expectations. Also, I am very impressed with the simplicity of assembly. Further, it fits within my small new hatch back purchased for the the very purpose of taking this scooter where I need it away from home. It fits perfectly within the vehicle for transport having only to simply remove the seat. It's weight is well with my comfort level for lifting it in and taking it out of my vehicle.

Jim Carnes

We purchased a TravelScoot in hope of finding a light weight scooter that my wife can use by herself. We asked if TravelScoot could ship the scoot 1 day earlier than promised so that my wife could take and use it on her cruise. That they did and the day after it arrived my wife left with it for the cruise. She had no problems on her seven day cruise with the exception of having to back out of a crowed elevator. It took a little effort to do this with people in the elevator. Other than that, she was thrilled with the Scoots ability on ramps and the freedom that it gave her when she went ashore . She would not have been as free and mobile with a heavier scooter. At least a hundred or so people on the cruise talked to her about the TravelScoot and asked her all about it They were amazed that mobility could come in such a light weight package. The local MS group wants her to bring and show it at their next meeting If only she was on commission. Thank you for the TravelScoot


My husband I recently went on a cruise and took along my TravelScoot. I used it all week on the ship and in every port that we visited. While on the ship we had several inquires a day by passengers who thought it was a fantastic piece of mobility equipment. At one of the ports we had to take a tender boat from the ship to the port. The TravelScoot was the only mobility scooter allowed on the tender boat because of its compact size and weight. We would highly recommend the ?Travel Scoot? to anyone with limited mobility. I used it all day and night on the ship with additional trips to the ports on the same charge with very little drain on the battery. At the end of the night we still had the full charge light showing.

Lorraine Buono

I have a TravelScoot that I bought 3 or 4 years ago. I love the machine! I have had a couple of little problems, but you have taken care of each one and the unit is working perfect. I am asked about the cart almost every time I take it out. Everyone loves it and wanst information about it. I was wondering if you have info or flyers that I could give people? If you want to send me any cards or flyers I would but happy hand them out to interest people

Thomas A Vincenrt

I took the bus to harrahs, cherokee, nc and spent a rather "productive" day........... I am writing to tell you that the lilttle scooter was an absolute SMASH HIT!!! I had more people approach me to get more information on the little beauty than if i had been walking a little dog. I am thrilled with it. please send me more of your business cards - I am flying to atlantic city on the 27th of january for a couple of days. I know i will need more cards............atlantic city is 5 times bigger than cherokee and that means so many more people want to get more information. Thank you.


My husband loves his TravelScoot and every single time we use it we are stopped by someone wanting to know all about it!!!!!! It has been fun to see how excited others get when we tell them all about TravelScoot and all the ways it has changed our lives in such a positive way! Our friend, MIke just purchased a scooter from you this week after coming over for a test drive and to get answers he had before making purchase. Can't wait til his arrves...then we will start planning a cruise together! Could you please send me some more business cards? I am completely out because as I said, every time my husband uses the scooter someone stops to ask about it! Some have even taken pictures of it and are so happy when I give them your card. I look forward to giving out your cards on a 2 week cruise we have already booked for the fall!!! I feel as if I am your East Coast marketing rep!!! When I am sold on a great product, I can sell it!!!! Thanks in advance for sending the cards,

Janet Hamrick, Powhatan, Va.

I am so thrilled with my TravelScoot. The freedom that it has given me is fantastic! I spent 4 weeks in Europe in October and it was a constant attention getter - in all languages. First of all, I would like to be able to demonstrate it to anyone who is interested in the scooter and lives in North Central Indiana. I drove to Portage, IN to try it out before I bought it. It made all the difference in the world to actuallly sit on it and drive it before we ordered it. Secondly, can you send me a supply of TravelScoot business cards so that when someone questions me, I can give them a card and refer them to you? I am so enthusiastic about your scooter and have SO MANY people stop me with questions, I'm sure I can help you promote your scooters. Please get the cards to me ASAP.....

Judy Broderick

This is an order for a replacement SLA battery and drive belt. These two items lasted over four years. Thanks for making my wifes life a lot easier. Cypress, Texas

Wayne Soliah, Cypress, Texas

I thought I should drop you a note after taking my TravelScoot on a Seabourn cruise through the Panama Canal, including Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I have MS and the scooter is important for my mobility. First, my experience with the airlines was very good. I flew American to Ft. Lauderdale and home from San Jose Costa Rica on US Airways. I called both airlines well ahead of time and informed them that I would be traveling with a small scooter and would want to gate check it. Both airlines asked appropriate questions about the lithium content and watt hours. Both made note on my reservation and that greased the check-in totally. US Air knew the Travelscoot by name, by the way. TSA in the US was simple and they passed me through with just a scan. In Costa Rica, they fumbled around with my allen wrenches, but finally allowed them, but confiscated my bungy cord used to secure the cover over the handles. I also had along a small roll of latex tape for possible repairs, but they took that too, I think out of confusion. Both airlines asked if I had electrical tape to cover the battery connector (I did) but never asked at the gate if I had applied it (I hadn't). Both airlines preferred that I carry the battery on board as carry-on luggage in the padded airline bag rather than attached that bag to the scooter. I packaged the scooter as you suggest and had no damage. The airline personnel smiled at the weight when they picked it up. On board, the scooter was great. It's small footprint allowed access the even the smallest elevator (though there was hardly room for me), my room, and all doors and hallways throughout the ship. Seabourn has small ships (only 200 passengers on ours) and are therefore perhaps more liable to pitching in high seas than one of the aircraft carriers of Disney or Carnival and my balance is poor. The scooter is much more stable than me alone on my feet so that was a big help. I expected to need the scooter on shore excursions, and it would have helped a couple of times, but taking it on and off a tender at anchor in high seas would have been difficult. So I signed up for excursions with minimal walking and just left the scooter on board. Maybe on future cruises it will see more port activity. Thanks for your attention. I passed out a lot of your cards, so I hope you get some business.

Scott Bowie

TravelScoot recommendation and Experience. My Wife and I both have TravelScoots. We live close to Disney in Florida and use our carts at their resorts at least 2 to 3 times per month. For people with limited mobility nothing can beat the versatility of these little carts. We have one heavy duty model and one smaller model cart, They fold so easy and make the disney trips enjpyable. We are constantly being asked about them as people from all over the world visit the disney parks. What interest most lookers is not just the size, but also the fact that with the appropriate adapter the carts are usable almost anywhere. The lithium battery and its light weight are what impresses people the most. They can't beleive that this little battery drives our carts. We also fly frequently and using our carts to get around the airports is very handy. One last comments. I have found these carts to be user friendly, and like anything mechanical they occationally need a little adjustment, I have found this not to be difficult.The tool kit supplied with the cart provides just about every thing you need. If you are travelling a lot, I strongly recommend purchasing a universal plug kit, some extra drive belts, and the extra gear for use in hilly areas. These are wonderful machines. And don't forget that the company support is above average and has always been available to assist when needed!

Frank Zarsk

Many thanks for the Travelscoot, it is wonderful for me to get around on. It is so practical and we can even fold and stand it upright in the footwell behind the passenger of our car. I'll certainly recommend it to others. Kind regards,

Cora Laven

My husband and I each have a TravelScoot and we really like them. We just spent a week riding them around Mt. Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg and couldn't go anywhere without being stopped numerous times as people wanted to know about our TravelScoots! Do you have any business cards which you can send us so we can pass them out on our next trip? I would really appreciate having a few of them, because we are beginning to feel like we're spokespersons for the company. Thanks,

Gloria Davis

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my now three year old TravelScoot. Last month we took a three week land/cruise tour throughout Eastern Europe followed by a Baltic Cruise on the Emerald Princess. The scoot was never lacking in power and handled the abundant cobblestones quite efficiently. I am still using the original belt which I find both surprising and indicative of the fine workmanship that goes into the machine. I went up some cobblestone ramps that were 15 to 18 degrees and the scoot never faltered (I did get a running start). I am so pleased with the fact that I still have the ability to travel. The TravelScoot allows me to continue to travel.

Kathryn Tisdale

I have had my travel scoot almost 3.5 years and use it daily. All I have had to do is tighten a few screws and replace the belt. You have design and built a fine product and I have recommended the scooter to everyone that has asked about and there are a bunch. Thanks, and have a great day.

Darrell Reddehase

We just got back from our trip to Europe and I wanted you to know how wonderful the TravelScoot performed. I sprained my ankle the second day in Paris so it became my constant companion for the entire trip...we didn't miss a was ridden over cobblestones, in crowded stores through airports , on many trains on sightseeing boats and we never had a is so compact and well designed...everyone in our group was awed by this little dynamo. Thank you all so much for your help and assistance in ordering and answering my many questions,

Margret Speight

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