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A back-up TravelScoot?

Even though the TravelScoot ™ has proven itself as very reliable over the years, there are times when a back-up scooter would be quite useful. Even the most reliable vehicle needs maintenance and repair from time to time, and who can do this better than the vehicle manufacturer or importer? Of course, they are usually not located near the customer, and time in shipping to and from could take up to several weeks. Many TravelScoot ™ owners, however, use their scooter almost daily, and do not want to be without it for that long.

In most cases, only the lower frame needs to be shipped, without seat assembly, battery or front wheel.

A second scooter frame can be assembled into a back-up TravelScoot ™ in minutes

You now have the option to purchase, at greatly reduced cost, a back-up frame only, and using the above components, assemble a ready-to-use TravelScoot ™ with all the latest technical upgrades. You don’t have to suffer “scooter withdrawal” while your original TravelScoot ™ is out for repairs.

Please observe the following to make sure your back-up will work:

  • As long as the model and size matches your existing scooter, you won’t need anything besides the basic frame.

  • Our scooters all share the battery and charger, and also have the seat assembly and front wheel in common**, with frames of the same size, (this includes the older, belt driven TravelScoots) and these items usually do not have to be shipped along for repair.*

  • However, you can also choose a different model (a Shopper, for example) and/or size. This requires a few additional components, shown in the table below.

All frames are fully assembled and include the complete driveline (motor, electronics, controls, rear wheels and brakes).**

The super-light TravelScoot ™ Shopper frame is an ideal alternative in many cases

Often, an even lighter and slightly slower mobility scooter might be sufficient, or even desirable (for use in malls, museums, cruise ships, public buildings etc.), and our TravelScoot ™ Shopper is the ideal choice. Your back-up frame allows you to transform your TravelScoot ™ Deluxe into a super-light Shopper in no time at all.

* The older, belt-drive TravelScoot ™ is no longer available. However, the common parts are still the same, and will fit on the new frames. You now have the newest TravelScoot ™ model with hub motor and reverse. Important: If your battery is still equipped with the red connector, you also need an adapter cable! * We still provide full service and support for the belt-driven models, allowing you to keep your older scooter as a back-up. ** The front wheel on both the Shopper full-size and Junior is fixed to the frame.

TravelScoot Delux replacement frame

TravelScoot Delux replacement frame

TravelScoot Shopper replacement frame

TravelScoot Shopper replacement frame

Your current TravelScoot New different frame Additional parts required
Deluxe Full Size Deluxe Junior U-Frame (Yoke)
Deluxe Full Size Shopper Full Size None
Deluxe Full Size Shopper Junior U-Frame (Yoke)
Deluxe Junior Deluxe Full Size U-Frame (Yoke)
Deluxe Junior Shopper Junior None
Deluxe Junior Shopper Full Size U-Frame (Yoke)
Shopper Full Size Shopper Junior U-Frame (Yoke)
Shopper Full Size Deluxe Full Size Front Wheel with Fork
Shopper Full Size Deluxe Junior  U-Frame (Yoke), Front Wheel with Fork
Shopper Junior Deluxe Junior Front Wheel with Fork
Shopper Junior Shopper Full Size U-Frame (Yoke)
Shopper Junior Deluxe Full Size U-Frame (Yoke), Front Wheel with Fork

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