10 years TravelScoot electric mobility scooter
Folding mobility scooter TravelScoot

TravelScoot Escape

Various levels of break-down and folding for transport

For hatch-back vehicles and stationwagons

For air travel (takes about 2 minutes). Read more: Notes for air travel

For car trunks (boots) of various sizes; less than one minute. The seat assembly can be broken down further into 3 components in seconds.

It fits where no mobility scooter has ever fit before!

Set-up and break-down takes less than a minute. It fits where no mobility scooter has ever fit before! Seat and battery removal takes just a few seconds. A few more, and the frame is done, too.

A man puts the TravelScoot in a small airplane

Light weight

As you can see, the folded dimensions are a huge advantage, but the unrivaled low weight is even more significant. Your scooter will need to be lifted around several times a day, if only to clear a curb or into a vehicle. In some cases, there is no elevator, so you will need to carry your scooter up a flight of stairs.
For such, every pound can make a difference!

Carrying luggage and groceries on a mobility scooter

The vast majority of mobility scooters – regardless of size – have no provision for carrying luggage or any sizeable amount of groceries. The best one can hope for is a small bicycle basket, mounted to the handlebars and banging into your knees every time you try to turn.

Here at TravelScoot we have many years of experience with this issue and have come up with a number of intelligent solutions. These all have in common that they are mounted independent of the handlebar movement, allowing much larger items to be carried.

Gepäckmitnahme auf Reisen mit dem TravelScoot

Traveling with the TravelScoot ™

It’s all in the name!

A carry-on size (22 inches max. height) suitcase can be strapped easily and securely on the small platform in front of the steering column. Another, medium-size, luggage item can be placed loose on the frame in front of the seat. We suggest you do this after you are seated on the scooter. Our rear-mounted luggage hitch allows a wheeled suitcase of any size to be attached in seconds, leaving both hands free to steer (see video).

Please note that, ideally, you use two-wheel suitcases on your TravelScoot, since the wheels are recessed to save space. Four-spinner cases have exposed wheels which can interfere with, or even obstruct, your feet. Also, IATA air-travel regulations on luggage size are based total suitcase dimensions, which include the wheels. As a result, two-wheel cases provide more internal volume.

IATA carry-on rule: 55 x 40 x 20 cm (approx. 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches) Max. weight 8 kg / 18 lbs. These rules may vary by airline.

Shopping with your TravelScoot ™

Basket and/or boxes are the shopping containers of choice. Up to two baskets can installed on the TravelScoot without interfering with the rider. It’s possible to place, without attaching, a third basket or box on the frame in front of the seat. When it’s time to get on or off the TravelScoot, just set the basket or box aside; just slide it under your feet when seated. The rear-mounted luggage hitch can be installed in place of the rear basket.

TravelScoot with two mounted baskets rear and front

New accessories

Smart Luggage Kit

Our innovative, Smart Luggage Kit universal carrier system allows you to attach a large crate or cabin-sized suitcase to the steering column as well as wheeled suitcase to the rear. All components are extremely lightweight and don’t protrude beyond the TravelScoot’s footprint. This allows the kit to be permanently installed. Even so, installation and removal takes less than a minute.

Show Smart Luggage Kit
Ein Hund fährt in einer Kiste mit, der mit dem TravelScoot Smart Lagguage Kit am Elektromobil befestigt ist.
TravelScoot mit einer roten Kiste vorne, einem faltbaren Tragekorb in der Mitte und einem Faltkorb hinten. Die rote Kiste wurde mit dem Smart Lagguage Kit befestigt
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